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  1. Make your own game...
  2. Ok it has better graphics but I uninstalled when I couldn’t move the camera and the auto questing? Really didn’t like it either. Flashy but boring game. Trying tai chi panda 3 now
  3. I agree there should be more raids to get geared
  4. Yeah I continue to be gang by friends! This is crazy.
  5. So I’m trying to get divine gear that’s available in the Aldor Store. I’m currently silver in peak and honor. Still can’t buy divine helm? How do I increase reputation? Btw it’s silver rank to purchase helm.
  6. Ok getting divine gear first, to poor for legendary
  7. Don’t believe you!
  8. Ok someone told me spell defense
  9. I completely went with spell defense. Am I doing it wrong? Should I do physical defense instead, figured bosses cast spells that sometimes I can’t avoid.
  10. Yes true but all skills listed heal and sometimes I don’t have to taunt because of my dps
  11. It’s half and half p2w. Sure it’ll get you gold and other nice stuff but that can be acquired through normal determination. Downside is you’ll get newbs with full legends that still can’t play. Go figure. Think of it like world of Warcraft sure you could buy gold and then buy whatever you wanted or just farm it.
  12. The upgrade prices period are extreme!
  13. IMO sword of torah sucks! I use durance order glory and reign, push 7k dps easily.
  14. So I’m kind of confused. How many times a week are we allowed to raid? I know 3 normal raids per day and heroics per week but what about team,raids like everlush, chimeria and the forts? How long do I have to wait for reset? I’m trying to get materials needed for star circle upgrades and they are ridiculously expensive p2w anyone ?
  15. Never mind I had the wrong level of stones required