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  1. Here are Answers to all your questions. Which i already answered but w.e Q: At First what's the relation of New players and class swap? A: This gives new players a chance on competing against themselves. Unlike the rest of us (Mystics, Rangers, Warriors) who are competing against each other. Q: And what you say for people who became obsolete Just by choosing the class with less *attention* or versatility after putting alot money/time in this shyt game? A: All I have to say to those people is (I guess you're referring to Warriors, and some Rangers), git gud. They are simply playing their class wrong. ESPECIALLY if they actually put money into the game. Comment: This game is similar to World of Warcraft dude, there Will ALWAYS be New players... Counter : Right... :Kappa: Obviously class swap wont stop players from coming into the game... but if you don't have class swap MORE players will come into the game.
  2. Listen here fawk boi, the reason why they don't add Class Swap is so NEW PLAYERS can come into the game. If they add class swap it will kill the incentive of having new players. It gives the New players a chance to compete against each other and not against the WHOLE FAWKIN SERVER YOU ****! so please stop asking. Have a great day.
  3. You have to buy the Faction Rank PvP items and use those to upgrade your Devine PvP item. Hope this helps.
  4. Lots of people on my discord are saying the same thing.
  5. @Ocho Hey Fetile gorge not werking breh
  6. So.. Nokia? @LizaSuberano
  7. @LizaSuberano There's a lot of thing you could do to avoid this. Please use your brain. Have you tried resetting your device, redownloading the game, what about your device, is it a Nokia from 2000s?
  8. @Deathwish008 Seems like your server is very populated, or maybe they are just bots? Anyways there is flax pretty much everywhere around the game for example outside Chimera entrance, Whiterose Village, North of Whiterose Village, Downfell Forest, Riverside Trail, Lullyby Grassland, Kulkan Camp, I can go on... . Instead of making a thread complaining about how many people are farming the flax in Skyblaze Village maybe you should make one about where else can you farm flax and then maybe use the one where there are less people. I'd like to believe Fertile Gorge UTC-5 is one of the most populated servers out there, correct me if i'm wrong, but I've never seemed to have this problem EVER. It could be that lots of people are P2W and don't bother with that kind of stuff (saying this I wonder if your server is as full of P2W as mine, if not im going to make a thread about server transfer :P) P.S. You always have the option for fishing. im making lots of gold this way about... 50k a day.
  9. @Tathiana Can you tell us what exactly we said we wanted to take away?
  10. @Tathiana Take what away? Can u elaborate.
  11. UP. If its actually 3 minute cool down for a 5 second buff.. The dev team needs some re-hiring. Every encounter in this game lasts about 3 minutes.
  12. @aycalaguas If you are referring to the jump while mounted and while mid air demount, your character IS still moving at the mount speed when u land for a short while, it is not a visual bug.
  13. Agreed, Paladins are Completely... what's the word... over powered. @ArcAngel To the person complaining that their ranger cant kill a mystic, the answer to why is cause you shouldn't. Like in every game there is an obvious triangle where Mystics beat Rangers, Rangers beat Warriors, and Warriors beat Mystics. P.S. Adding ONE Skill that heals will most definitely what you guys need to beat us, what you need is more CC. P.S.S. @RedPanda Please do not give them more CC. @Bluefish Haha, yeah. I am 100% sure they saw this a mile away, as they do have access to see what's happening to the Chinese Servers. They could've changed some thing around Yet they did nothing about it. Not Sure, but it could be a money grabbing tactic... you know, make them strong now and make the players P2W, and then later nerf them. BUT tbh they would just charge back regardless. @Avaclon No, You can't.
  14. Hello, My character is currently unable to log in. I was in a Chimera Normal raid when i got kicked by the group leader. I soon then started my own raid for Chimera Normal. When it was time to go in and my team was settled I realized I couldn't move, my character was walking on the same spot ("moon walking" if you will). I thought to myself "Fine, I will teleport to a random spot on the map so my character can get unstuck." So I teleport to Whiterose Village and my character starts to fall through the ground, I teleport a few more times to different spots and still same thing I fall through the ground. I then troubleshooted the game and my screen is now stuck on the load screen half way through. I am currently playing through the Facebook app on my desktop. On the pictures below u can see i still have access to my character screen but when i try to load in my character it gets stuck in the load screen.
  15. @Moto Much love thanks brother <3