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  1. i used to get at least one blueprint per week now i get none :)))
  2. Ain't nobody's business I got caught out in the rain !!!!!
  3. So in the last 2-3 weeks the drop on blueprints its almost gone . Most of my mates have the same problem ! Server : Forest Valley ! @RedPanda
  4. it is not ballance when you hit the market with your alts just to keep things on cheap , it is so easy to troll this market sistem
  5. this game is a joke , if they leave paladin the way it is , im gonna leave the game .
  6. it is the exact same amount of silver .
  7. Legendary for every path every class .
  8. dude u are a bless :*
  9. Hey Guys got a question . Can anyone tell me what are the requirements for upgrading an L Legendary weapon from grade to grade . Like when it starts to cost you divine essence and things like that . ty
  10. if it is something like these , it is not a bug , just stack xp .
  11. oi just dont!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let it be the way it is , perfect for my country
  12. if you got any item just double click on it
  13. how do we exactly farm those things ?
  14. warriors are so bad right now , patethic .