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  1. Can i ask for a refund on google ?
  2. they wont detect **** dude , 2 months ago they give up gems to some random players like , for us will take more than a year to get those gems and they got it in a blink of an eye , i report one guy he had 54k gear score dude and not one item 224 gear score at least , and hes still playing :))
  3. dude they wont change **** about warrior if they dont fix a bug which gives ya about 10k crystal a week , my point .
  4. @RedPanda u hide the bug about trial quest how about this one , when some players did aroun 10k crystals in a week :)) ?
  5. all your post are amazing dude , the problem is they dont give a **** about bugs :)) like the crystal bug is running right now and trial quest bug . I dont think they will change anything in game
  6. tera m , blackdesert m , are going to be released this year , its so sad cuz this game is good , but dailys routine , and bugs like this one are making everyone to quit eventually .
  7. og God bless those with big crystal pack for like a week or two , oh and some gems cuz why not lol :)) they dont know what to fix man :)))
  8. my L set is pointless i prefer D1 manaflame does more damage, aaaa by the way can you guess my class ?
  9. why do you need expectation when you get stack with daily loot for like 2 weeks with the same big and bluffy crystal deal ?
  10. just quit . like everybody did
  11. ofc i cant find any lvl 10 player and for a not p2w player i have to farm my altruism medals but now , after 2 runs everyone is lvl 20 , so ive quit playing cuz mna i used to be war and war class its pointless no one needs me anywhere got 4 set on my legendaries and i do less damage than a ranger with no legendaries =-))), got 500 crystals on market just to change my name in pointless and quit the game =)))) .!.
  12. at least can someone tell wariors why rangers can spam everything on low mana cost and got a new buf ? i got gear , i got gems , and still a ranger with half the things i have does more damage =)))) like !! fock off cursaders of light .
  13. bet they are warriors , oh wait there are no warriors in this game
  14. forest valley works