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  1. @RobbieGrs, you're gonna earn the extra soulstone in your email at firts day in next month!
  2. Pham, Eternal is over, i know that is hard! We work a lot to upgrade our characters, and we want new challenges, but we need to accept it. Halloween was the END.
  3. Are you sure that u is logged in same Server before? Try check it. If u not sure about what your Server, ask to your friends to look for.
  4. The end is inevitable! and gonna be worse, we'll are keeping playing in dead game for long years, cuz they (netease) don't have profits enough to close the servers of this game! But is not enough, they fired that guy (treinee, i guess) who actived(repeating) the events every week. There is not hope anymore, all crew of netease( two or three people) are working in Crusaders of Light. @RedPanda
  5. I think that we can get the Source code of game and make a great group in Chat app, and make our own events, sure that we gonna be better ideas of Netease!