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  1. Same here. IssMage forest valley 3. Its not funny neteasy
  2. All my guild lost 300 achiv point las night with new update. Is it right? Or we should get them back. Thanks
  3. It is not necessary to edit this file, just deleite It. Game Will download 1,7 Path and It runs
  4. Cant loggin game. "Your version is out of date, need to update the path. Please relaunch the game". Cant log atfter relanuching gamd. Please help
  5. I can understand your frustration. I have palatank Path 56 score 34ks and its op un PvP. I can easilly kille any class 1v1 and even 2v1. Palas HP regen is insane.
  6. Hi, i would like to know how to activate star circle system. Thanks in advance
  7. Hy all. Im new in game. I have mystic lv 44 healer path 32. I have been healer since i did my first priest in wow. So i decided to built my mystic healer. It found it quite boring. healers are only needed in team raids and heroics, and i think are useless for the rest of the content. I dont even see many healers in game, most of them seems to be dps mystics. Thinking that my goal is to have fun in game, should i change dps?. Thanks