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  1. Вообщем суть проблемы в том, что не могу подключиться именно к Forest Valley, с ноутбука заходит все нормально, а вот андроид нет, сначало грузится, а потом раз и сбрасывает, остальные сервера нормально подключаются. Хотя раньше такой проблемы не было.
  2. Many players have left the game because you as the administration did not even take action, there are many players who, after your compensation, have been forced out of the top ranking of good players, by changing the stones in things, during your server malfunctions, you at least take measures to block or punishing these players! Just take action to these games and punish them, there are a lot of players who followed the rating and they know who during this time, when the server was faulty, instantly climbed up in the players rating! Rules for this and there, and if they do not want to play by your rules, then you must either block the account for a while and take away the stones received in a dishonest way, or block the account forever. So it is written in your rules!
  3. ghasp plague and manaflame(swap in malum)