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  1. You can get the core from the 6480 crystals spend rebate (the 50 boxes have a chance to drop). A few on Fertile gorge have gotten it exactly this way.
  2. Only some of our raid got the invitation are the other notifications just delayed?
  3. Just to be clear, you can also get D0 on crafted epic accessories (not legendaries), but accessories that are crafted as a whole stop at D0
  4. Anyone know what Piercing Rate % and Spell Pierce Rate % are? These came out with the new star circle system (On Roar, and 3rd Aux star of Swiftness)? @RedPanda
  5. removed, wrong thread
  6. @icytipsy its 3sec cdr for Shield of Sanctity, which goes from 20s cooldown to 17s cooldown. TBH if the auto refresh is not auto applied, i actually dont think the set all that great!
  7. The box has several stages with random essence, and various high-end currency (iron, scales, etc.). Each box represents a level tier, ending at 45 where you get a title. (Each tier is in the same single purchase, you open the box multiple times)
  8. @thegreatestviz the upgrade from t1 to t2 100% requires another Circle Star (the 10 Flower mat).
  9. Templar - 2 skill levels/auto refresh of shield of sanctity under 30% hp(2min cd)/Shield of Sanctity has 30% more healing, 3sec cooldown reduction Dawn - 2 skill levels/Judicator can proc from normal attacks/30% dmg/healing? increase for well of light All I need to know now is what the Daylight set bonus is!
  10. Oh i believe, just need to know if my faith is misplaced
  11. Paladin Legendary Path Sets - Anyone know them/what they are specifically? Thinking about trying for a LoD buy... but don't know if the sets are worth it!