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  1. If you're not contributing to solve the issue, you shouldn't even be here. People who have almost reach the end game content (pve wise) can obviously see that there's a problem with the current meta. Why would I pick an exe instead of magel (who can heal n shield),or scout n fg (for pew2 obviously)? Knowing that most of bosses mechanics obviously favour range dps? See all the guide and content from your favourite youtuber, and you'll see the fact that almost none exe were picked (except handy hammer I think). We don't need an overwhelming buff. We just need to be relevant in heavy hc raid.
  2. You obviously have no clue if you could say that warriors are on par with other classes interms of dps. I did have fun playing exe before 10 skills implemented. Exe was so good for pvp, especially with Fire set back then. But now with 10 skills, we dont have that advantage anymore since fang can use anvil too. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that 10 skills slot is bad. It's definitely a good upgrade for everyone. Exe sucks period.
  3. Please give this guy a medal. @RedPanda, pass this to the devs please. This UI looks so much better
  4. Executioner are done and hopeless now. Scout get another 30% buff for relentless and razor. Time to sat back and regret why we do pick this class at the 1st place.
  5. Yes, you should get Blood Thirst set in your ring and pendant. Up until now, I still use lv 40 pendant grade C, just for the sake of the bloodthirst.
  6. If you want to be pure DPS, go exe. If you want more chances to be taken along in heroic raids, go fang. Even in pvp, exe is pretty good to burst ppl down. I started the game as an executioner, and I still hold on that glimpse of hope that exe could dual wield axe hehe. (anyone can hope). @RedPanda please let exe dual wield axe!
  7. Again, you clearly didn't understand OP's question. The "SEQUENCE".
  8. I can vouch for this. Tried it so many times. Never proc at all.
  9. you are definitely referring to reforging stats. as I said previously, it won't make any difference to white stats. Period.
  10. There won't be any difference for white stats.
  11. Please let us purchase Legendary Accessories with Leaves of Eternity. Any particular reason why they are not listed in the NPC? I found it odd.
  12. Wow, you must be a beast to have 23-24k dps as fang in Hell3.
  13. Let us DUAL WIELD AXE !! looks more suitable as an Executioner, rather than letting us use a shield.
  14. Let's be real. For those who didn't get over compensated, it's just impossible for you to finish certain the HC raids without getting carried by OP team. Don't give me that bs that you can reach 50k+ gearscore without paying a penny, unless you got that free gems and sparkling in the past. All I can say is spending money in this game, can definitely give you some advantages from other players. You will be definitely ahead from the rest.