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  1. Its better to save our gold for buying legendary than buy lvl 30 bp
  2. They fckin no reply about what happening...
  3. Bad side of netease they didnt give us information about the problem...
  4. I have polish 4 fire diamond, and all just got accuracy wtf
  5. 4 silk max per day i think, i always farm silk on ferroc, it drop 50 leather and 4 silk /day
  6. Clear app cache and restar
  7. -Basic attack icon should be the largest one like the older one before the update -make it 2 row bar, easier way to use skill by moving and clicking the mouse in 1 row feel so far (pc) -icon too small (pc) -talent skill should movable, so player can cuztomize what they want Hope dev can thinking about it, many player still using 5 skill cause the 10 bar is suck.. Thanks...
  8. I have try to used it, but i feel my dps is dropped and not stable, maybe cause of the range of min to max is too big, some people say it has a bug, but idk ia this true or not
  9. u use twominds set effect ?
  10. U should learn more about market bro...
  11. Clear ur crusader of light cache and the restart ur phone. I do it everytime i got this problem
  12. So why the hell i got only 18k gold ? Ask game dev if u think im a liar ... Its not fckin fair got 18k gold...
  13. Where did u learn that theory ? So why i got 18k gold then ? Explain to me, or something wrong with LoD ? U can ask GM if u think im lie, surely they can check my data
  14. No guarante u will get leaf from LoD, last time i got 18k gold. It suck when u spent gold to buy tears of the moon and u get 18k gokd reward
  15. How to to upgrade auxilary grade ?