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  1. How about legendary accessory ? All i see everyone used identity legend not forged.. any chance to get legend by forge 30 bp ?
  2. Yeah 21 sep update still not fixed yet... Everytime contact a cus.service they always say 'be patience'.. and now they wanna launch a new class u should fix 21 sep problem before giving us new problem on 25 oct
  3. Reinstall the app clear my problem, did u restar the the phone after uninstall and clear ur phone chace ? Uninstall-clear cache-reboot-redownload... I try this method and work for me
  4. Some problem with me, reinstall the app is the best choice...
  5. Just hit report button... U dont need to tell what u feel... Say that to customer service
  6. thanks for the answer :D.. ill upgrade then.. after max ill refine itu for a better grade
  7. guys im just confused about legend grade, somebody tell REFINE ti highest grade and then UPGRADE, but another one say too, UPGRADE and then REFINE.. whts the different ? the material really expensive, idont want to waste it...
  8. Im trying crafting legend after the last maintenance.. the 4th bp i got 1 legends.. idk its roumor or not but its works
  9. im still see CoL on Gameroom... if it banned it should remove from gameroom
  10. and they forget, not all people have a good phone, almost of them are student, and just got mid-end type of phone... 2 hours playing this game consume 90% battery... everyone is sad cause of this, good game have a bad management... like me it almost 1 month and my bug for losing gems after 21 sep update didnt fix yet.. they said just wait and wait.. how much time they needed to investigate it, 1 year ? its not even my fault.. many player quit this game not cause this game is bad, but the quality of service is really suckk..
  11. it will crash after starting, cause need FB gameroom to run it, and the bad thing is the Admin didnt say anything about this problem... lack of service... and another reason people will quitting the game...
  12. this error not from our side, last night everything was fine, maybe this is happening after the maintenance... stop doing a stupid things like reinstall, it useless... just wait them to respond our problem... even my older problem is not fixed yet...
  13. yeah i got this problem too, cant even reach a login screen, only black screen...
  14. Some player from indonesian got this problem too, it caused by ISP is blocked, i have to used vpn at starting page to login, after success login i deadactive my vpn and everything normal...
  15. I only lost 4 pcs lvl 40 epic gems, and 6 pcs rare lvl 40 but they just say investigating . Nice joke then.. i just thinking, how much time the need to reply our problem.. and i have contact them everyday too...