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  1. -Basic attack icon should be the largest one like the older one before the update -make it 2 row bar, easier way to use skill by moving and clicking the mouse in 1 row feel so far (pc) -icon too small (pc) -talent skill should movable, so player can cuztomize what they want Hope dev can thinking about it, many player still using 5 skill cause the 10 bar is suck.. Thanks...
  2. I have try to used it, but i feel my dps is dropped and not stable, maybe cause of the range of min to max is too big, some people say it has a bug, but idk ia this true or not
  3. u use twominds set effect ?
  4. U should learn more about market bro...
  5. Clear ur crusader of light cache and the restart ur phone. I do it everytime i got this problem
  6. So why the hell i got only 18k gold ? Ask game dev if u think im a liar ... Its not fckin fair got 18k gold...
  7. Where did u learn that theory ? So why i got 18k gold then ? Explain to me, or something wrong with LoD ? U can ask GM if u think im lie, surely they can check my data
  8. No guarante u will get leaf from LoD, last time i got 18k gold. It suck when u spent gold to buy tears of the moon and u get 18k gokd reward
  9. How to to upgrade auxilary grade ?
  10. some as mine, i have this bug too, should i finish it or just wait u to fix @RedPanda ???
  11. How about legendary accessory ? All i see everyone used identity legend not forged.. any chance to get legend by forge 30 bp ?
  12. Yeah 21 sep update still not fixed yet... Everytime contact a cus.service they always say 'be patience'.. and now they wanna launch a new class u should fix 21 sep problem before giving us new problem on 25 oct
  13. Reinstall the app clear my problem, did u restar the the phone after uninstall and clear ur phone chace ? Uninstall-clear cache-reboot-redownload... I try this method and work for me
  14. Some problem with me, reinstall the app is the best choice...
  15. Just hit report button... U dont need to tell what u feel... Say that to customer service