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  1. True. I'm playing a dps Warrior in this game so I already have been screwed for the past 3 months lol. All the recent changes to the game and the poor costumer service with lack of advertising made it clear that this game isn't in it for the long run. I wish I can speak Mandarin because seems like the Chinese version is doing much better since I heard my guildies that play both versions said that CN version is much better with in-game adjustments and customer service. I pay to play so I rather have one with some p2w features but has huge population, better customer service and fast updates. @Straylight
  2. Nice infos. Hope this wake them up but it’s a long shot lol. BDO mobile coming out this year, just an idea
  3. Till this point I don't even see the point on why keep spending time and money on a class that will eventually be at the bottom in future. With Paladin and Mystic heal and high dps, and Ranger's burst damage, Warriors have nothing to put up. And the devs have been deaf for the past 3 months without a single explanation or official answer to this matter so I doubt that the Warriors players will be satisfied in the future.
  4. You should tag them here @RedPanda @Ocho
  5. Those can only be obtained by open costume boxes or buy from other players. Each piece cost a decent amount if you buy it straight up. Depends on your class and server, price may vary
  6. Go find your missing pair of chromosomes...
  7. @RedPanda @Ocho If you are reading this, thank you for not ignore the question on stream, I appreciate it. However, that response does not satisfy the other Warriors players or myself since this issue has been around for a long time. What we need right now is an overall buff for Warriors and modifications on path buff. We NEED you to keep mention this request to the devs whenever you have a meeting or something so that they know a good amount of players have been patiently waiting for this change and it needs to happen NOW, LIKE RIGHT NOW. We love this race and with the past updates, Warriors have been pushing against the wall and the last hope was Fang but now Forest Path Ranger just got the better team buff and unfortunately, Warriors do not benefit from this.
  8. When I asked Panda and he said that they are following our discussion everyday. They’re not reply not because they ignore us but because as of now, he doesn’t have any official statement from Net Ease on this matter. So I don’t know how long they are gonna look into it, just hope it’s soon so I know if I need to move on or keep playing
  9. @SirJdoug how op??? Any video or evidence, are you just here to piss others off??
  10. @Ocho @RedPanda Come and ANSWER!!! No more freaking joke now
  11. @RedPanda @Ocho excuse me but is it a fcking joke to you guys? This topic has been here since October and none of you deliver this to the devs yet??? Everyone understands that you two are just community admins and you have no final said so in this but we have been pointing out and explain the imbalance of the Warriors to you two and we expect you at least bring this problem to the table with the devs. It has been 3 fcking months now and nothing good comes for Warriors so I think neither of you even mention this problem to the devs. To the point now I wish you can give us a final answer on whether or not Warriors will be buffed or class swap so that others and I know whether or not we should request a refund from Apple