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  1. Bump
  2. Even though I'm not satisfied with the way your team runs the game but still wish you luck and have fun on your new chapter. @RedPanda
  3. Word of advice, don’t play since services as a whole of this game suck
  4. Well I can relate to the Warrior since he or she has been F over in this game. Why mystic and ranger though?
  5. Ok, Just wanna let put it here before someone will. On October 24th, we have requested a buff for Warriors, specifically Executioners. Long story short, after 12 pages of 290 replies with over 10000 views (pretty impressive I know), Net Ease decided to buff Executioners (Yay! but it gets better). After the Surge of Elements, There is a buff implemented into Executioners and based on patch note, it states "Warrior-Executioner: transfer talent Bloodbath adjusted." @RedPanda @Ocho I'm sorry but what does that even mean?! And just to provide useful feedback, Executioners have not change a single a bit in term of anything. So my question to you guys, What is the purpose of this "some love for Executioners"?!? Is this buff meant to shut up the Warrior players or is it for real?! If it is for real then this buff changes nothing. I know you all just community representatives of Net Ease but you have a bigger voice than the players, it has been more than 4 months of asking class balance for Warriors and you guys provide nothing. NADA!!!
  6. @RulesEnjoy and buh byee!!!
  7. Just wait and see haha
  8. Bracelet, Accessory, and Earrings can be crafted just like the any other gear. I haven't been lucky enough to craft one so I guess it's not class specified and can be used by the one that craft it. Arcane Bracelet is crafted, while Frost Bracelet is opened.
  9. It should say what class it is on the Bracelet
  10. Someone said in CN, you only have to reforge stats after transferred, all gears will be exchanged
  11. I think they know what’s gonna happen but they chose not to do it
  12. He is definitely competitive to others and even stronger if you gear him the right way. Dps op
  13. Sure thing buttercup