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  1. The issue here is that you guys are assuming damage is first done once it appears on your damage chart. It doesn't. It takes like a second for the recount chart to show damage, even more under lag. So 3:26 would be correct, as it definitely wasn't 3:25 from when damage is done. NetEase measured the time exactly how they said they would. We also timed a shorter run than the time posted up, we got around 3:23 or 3:24 and we also started time as soon damage appeared on the damage recount chart.
  2. I agree, a lot of that is applicable to my server aswell. There's barely any players joining our server and a lot are quitting. It's very hard to find active players. It's disappointing. @IcyTeaLemon a lot of people may complain about that since it may mess with their schedules, so its something NetEase have to spend some time to think about, but it's harmless to merge existing servers with the same timezones. Like the two oceanic servers. And the two NA West servers. I'm not certain but I believe SEA also had two servers with the same timezone? I don't know about SEA, but the Oceanic and NA West servers are dead and one server fits both populations fine! There's no logical reason to split them.
  3. When the game was released globally, and a lot of people were disappointed at the amount of servers and predicted correctly that they have been split too much and that our servers were going to be dead, NetEase said they would be watching player bases and that they would keep us updated about possible server merges. So my question is, are server merges going to happen? A lot of the servers are dead, other than the first EU server and NA East. There's no reason for NA West to have two servers, and the second server has pretty much caught up to the first. It would be logical to merge them. I don't see why there's two oceanic servers when there's such a small playerbase. You're only making it harder for people to find great guilds, groups and friends. I can't speak on behalf of all servers, but the Thundercall Forest server is slowly dying. Playing in a dead and boring server isn't fun and it's pushing players away who are getting bored of it. It's not fun to take over twenty minutes to form a group for trials and over an hour to form a PUG for a hero raid. New players are never going to be able to find groups for anything. Server merges were common in the Chinese version of the game and reinvigorated current player bases. If a server merge isn't going to be announced any time soon, most of my server will have quit by the time of the end of the $400k cash competition. Please, NetEase, let your loyal players know about your future plans for current servers before it's too late.
  4. First blood is for the first kill of a boss in a server. Lightning fast is for the first kill within a set time. Sacred Protector is for the top 3 ranked players of each class. Achievement is refreshed every Monday 12am.
  5. Anvil drop doesn't sort out the dps loss from boss moving away. Every time the boss moves out of ranged, your normal attacks reset (4th normal attack is big). If we keep doing 1-2 normal hits then resets back to 1, instead of the full 4, it's a big dps loss. Anvil drop doesn't work if the boss is continously moving. Like in Dire Hero last boss, when the boss does that sweeping strike and every ranged player ive seen decides to kite it for half an hour our dps drops a LOT. You'll anvil drop just for the boss to move away and end up chasing it for a long time. In everlush last boss 80% of groups will wipe if the tank has boss near buff zones since the average player will be too slow to respond that quick to stones. Need a good guild group to be able to tank it like that. in the average group nowadays melee is nearly guaranteed to miss out on buff and it's harder for them to get into Everlush last boss groups (people prefer archers since they can easily stand on buff and damage boss). It's also small stuff on every boss that puts melee in a disadvantage. First boss Everlush, warriors lose a lot of dps walking to the golden plant that spawns (sometimes you have to turn around, spend seconds looking for it then walk to it. Sometimes you just miss it and your dps dropped a lot). In Chimeira last boss, warriors miss out on damage when they get thrown away (some groups also do ice gaze with tank outside, so melee have to stand in ice gaze while missing out on damaging boss). In Fort Deso first boss, warriors lose dps to purgatory strike (have to run away). Pretty much every fight is designed better for ranged than warriors. I don't think they need a buff, their dps is still fine after all them drawbacks but there's small stuff they can add. Don't make nearly every boss so melee unfriendly. Add a rune that can increase the range of tempest (Fang had increased tempest range before patch and was really great, hits things a mile away). You can replace the rune that gives tempest a x% of lava quake shield (completely useless, even a level 35 rune will give you less than a single melee hits worth of shield).
  6. Ive opened between 15-20 and most of it was 1-2 leaves. One time was 10 leaves, once was one rune (lol) and a few times was about 15k gold. Since they reduced the cost of identifying legendary equipment I imagine they wouldve also buffed the chance to get legendary from light of dawn. A lot of these changes dont get mentioned on changelogs so I guess we'll never know. Hopefully they do increase the loot you can get from light of dawn.
  7. I think we're over reacting. If the Au server had 2000 active 45s, nothing would be dead (even 1000 active 45 players would be better than now). Now imagine that we have 4 million pre registeration points and that doesnt even count the players that will see the app on their app store and download it on the day of release. Based on the 4 million points, each server can be easily filled up. Its also important to have lots of servers available because the playerbase at launch will be 50x what the game will have in a month or two. Lots of players will level to 30-45 then quit and never play the game again. Au server was very very active at launch and there was many groups for everything till it started dying down like a month later. New servers have to be able to accomodate all these new players. The servers WILL eventually die down but thats when they will be merged to others.
  8. It's USD. But from what I've seen, $9.99 counts as 9 points. It's not rounded up (unless they have fixed it).
  9. Thanks for not being able to read school did you well. I said if you proc the OTHER sparkling diamond you can dismantle it for 64 shards and make the other. Customer support can confirm this. Do a favour for me and go on crafting gem page. Tap level 40. Go on the page to craft any sparkling gem and tap that big 'I' button. If you're able to read you can see that it CLEARLY says you can proc it. Am I still lying about proccing now?
  10. Hahahahah why all u guys scared to show ur real names. Anyway I've had nearly full epic gems for a long time anyone can confirm. So only gold I spent on grinders. Idk how many diamonds u guys think i have. I have 2 lvl 40 p. atk ones and a lot of lvl 20 p. def diamonds (cost about the same as an epic gem) and 3-4 40 HP diamonds. So many players have even more diamonds like Creebs but rating lack in other areas such as gear. Rating skyrocketed when i converted my epics to diamonds I have a feeling i know who you all are hiding your real names hahahahahahahahahahaha
  11. Furthermore, if ur crafting and proc the other dazzling you can dismantle it for 64 shards and instantly make the one you want
  12. Nope ur not Bewbew. Dunno why all these forum accounts taking names of our members. So sad. And if you look, all sparkling have same stats. All our diamonds have different stats. Neil proc means it has a chance of occurring. Like crafting a legendary from 30 BP. It costs 500k gold to identify a legendary let alone buy the leafs for it which can easily bring it to over a million. But you have people getting them from blueprints luckily.
  13. @Jost Anyone is welcome to check my account
  14. Sure you have a mistake in your calculations it's something called a "proc". Read the info next to sparkling diamonds. See where it says crafting diamonds can proc? For you to have 16 diamonds and a few to proc is normal
  15. just a fake account by a jealous person... same as lordreaper account. Bewbew hasn't logged on in a week. That's not real Lordreaper account either. High rating coming from diamonds. And diamonds didn't help for village, what helped is new tactics