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  1. This is directly to NetEase; I've played and paid almost all of your games and enjoyed it to it's here's my problem; you have kept up with this trash "verification Code" for phones; sms, I am SICK OF IT!!!!! I AM DONE, I do not have a phone (cell) so I cannot receive texts. I've waited patiently for a new "security" option but nothing was wrong with Captcha. I'm no longer buying or playing anymore of you're games; it'll end with Shinobi Striker that I've pre-ordered or else I'd put that at a halt too. You have angered me to the point I'm turning my back on you; and I will never NEVER! buy or recommend ANY OF YOUR items or games to anyone ever again. With this new "security" your losing more people than gaining. Honestly I don't give a flying ****ing **** about that; what I care for is games like "moonlight Blade" "Justice Online" aren't playable for me all because I don't have a cell phone?! My opinion of you now is that you're nothing but **** caked on a ****ing stick used to beat old retards on the street. I think your ****ing retarded yourselves for excluding all those like myslef whom don't have a cell phone. So if it doesn't get fixed this is goodbye to my money and patronage; and **** you.