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  1. While waiting at least give us the patch notes first?
  2. Hi guys, Need some opinion here I keep hearing other ppl mentioned that sparkling diamond is much better than diamond but when i try to compare the dmg between Lvl 40 diamond wit 2.5 crict wit Lvl 30 sparkling, the result is side to diamond Anyone tried to compare the dps before and mind to share?
  3. Hi everyone, Is there any dps rotation for Fang path?I don't seems to find my DPS get any higher than 22k dps with my atk 1.5k max atk Abit disspointed with Netease not buffing warrior at the moment. If you have other opinion, feel free to leave it here. Thank you.
  4. Hi guys, Anyone mind to share some guides for Warrior Fang path and its combo? Saw many tank and exe build, just wan to know if there is any nice build for fang Cheers