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  1. we will be a few month late in terms of getting CN content in most cases i think
  2. people just like to complain without really thinking about it... i think OP has his answer and we can close this thread
  3. that's a little drastic... while a week is a long time but if the competition is say, 2 months it's not really a big deal
  4. @RedPanda pretty easy to fix, launch global servers on the 20th... so iOS can get a pre-view in AU server
  5. come on up in community discord, there's more than a few US guys lookng for group
  6. it's a little difficult for this user base to speculate what the chinese patch does, you might have to wait and find out what it's really like here.
  7. Come on discord and maybe you can get a hold of the mods... if support isnt working for you I mean players cant really help you and NetEase staff is off work hours
  8. all possible, may or may not be worthwhile for them to do it - sure impact on players is big, but is it really worth punishing those say, 200 ppl?
  9. most ppl dont, hence the problem
  10. you and i sir, we are going to be good friends @RedPanda lots of secret chats behind @Ocho's back, im sure ;] come find me on discord!
  11. 1. events time will be based on server region, EU / US servers will have respective times for the ppl in that area 2. probably cant do that, considering it's game mechanics. if you dont want AFK maybe you will have to confirm position/talk to them 3. this is kind of already done with the reserved EXP system. basically quests you dont complete today turns into EXP which is added on to your quests when you do them next time
  12. again, it's not so much about the actual facts anymore. sure, exec can be on par with ranger in terms of performance, but how many party leads are willing to take them? when people ask for DPS it's not mages, not execs, what they mean is scouts. until the mindset has been changed from the player base execs will continue to struggle in finding parties, people have it in their heads that scouts make raids easier (sure, in some cases that's true) fun note on that, warriors are actually *more* reliable in harder raids due to their higher HP. where the same level scout may not meet the 8-9k HP requirement, most warriors can hit that quite comfortably. ofc, the underlying assumption is the exec knows what he's doing
  13. top up reward is just something extra when you buy crystals, it's not the only way to get those things.
  14. unfortunately you might be out of luck there =/ i too have stuff that could use on diff alt, my warrior has stuff for scout and vice versa.