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  1. wow that's... very elaborate. they might implement one thing or two ;]
  2. that boss level thing only gets it to the minimum level - which sure makes things easier but doesnt break the game you cant really do that trading thing you mentioned because it's too hard to find the right person to buy from, considering you can only scroll 2 pages of the lowest price and there is a tax on the selling - very hard to abuse i play a few alts myself, it's pretty difficult to try and move any gold from one to another even if i wanted to. if you dont believe me, try it. obviously i would LIKE to have free trading, i just dont see how it can be done without people exploiting too easily
  3. yes to the point where every game has bot farmers, that's precisely why trading is so locked down. since you cant really sell gold here, there will be no bots - you are not seeing this? level restriction is a joke, if they can bot to 35, they can bot to 45. if you took away auto-play, players like me will probably stop - dont have the time to do 80 trials by hand, let alone other lower level raids etc. auto-play isnt really the problem here, you cant use it for higher end raids anyway - what's the concern? if ppl choose not to read stuff, that's their problem
  4. Hey gang, I've compiled from my experience what I think the best-return routines are, both for not-so-super-hardcore-but-still-want-to-compete players and the full on crazies. The guide assumes level above 40 (since this is where the game really starts) with a Guild The minimal viable routine For those with limited time on weekdays (maybe also weekends) but still would like to not be left behind, total time is a bit over an hour per day, takes 3-4 weeks to reach level cap (45). The difference between the minimal and the complete routine would be the amount of gold/talent/gear accumulated and how soon reputation gear can be accessed, in terms of purely levelling there is probably only a ~20% difference. Daily: Use up Stamina in Guild property levelling Life Skill ( <5 minutes ) 3x Goblint Camp ( ~20 minutes ) 20x Trial Quest ( ~20 minutes ) 5x Irritable Elementals ( <10 minutes ) 2x Elemental Leader ( <10 minutes ) Delivery Quest ( <5 minutes ) 2x Reputation Quest ( ~10 minutes ) Weekend: Hard mode Raid Team Raid The complete routine For those who want to maximise gains and progress the fastest, it goes without saying you need to do everything and this list is more focused on the order of how you do it. The 'full' routine can take anywhere from 4 to 12 hours, depending on how the runs go - so there is almost always something to do. Daily: Use up Stamina in treasure chest hunting or life skill on world map Reputation farm to limit ( Priority is Cudina first, then Lunarian ) 2x Reputation Quest 3x Goblint Camp 1x Ancestral Altar 1x Dire Galleon 1x Scar Plains Other dailys (delivery quest, elems, tournament etc) 80x Trial Quest All daily events (demon invasion, protect relic etc) All PvP scenarios Guild Hunt Any incomplete Hard Mode Raids Any incomplete Team Raid Any available map events (BBQ, protect the elems etc) Original post is on the wiki here, happy for contributors to discuss and make updates
  5. this would only further increase the impact of bots. seriously, normal players may not be able to automate gold farming, but it's no obstacle to people who do it for a living. in fact if i wanted to, i'm pretty sure i could do it too. auto-battle is a time saver, not the issue here. level cap is not going to deter any gold farmers, same point as above. if they can bot gold farming, they can bot levels. bottom line is, the game system need to be able to restrict things like trading somehow not sure what you mean with remembering raid locations...
  6. some very good suggestions here, personally i would like to see a lot of them implemented. however just would like to remind everyone that even though something seems like a good idea (ie. free trading), it will also come with a lot of issues (eg. gold selling, bot abuse). i mean sure, you earned your gold (probably through auto-questing) so you should be allowed to pool it to your 'main' character. now what happens when gold sellers grind 5000 characters and pool/sell the gold? could we actually discuss how to prevent those potential exploits so it's more likely to have the features we want implemented? it's pointless to just say 'we want this' without giving some kind of solution to the problems it can cause - devs will ignore it since it brings no value.
  7. this is true, maybe not get rid of but at least long CD
  8. There are some merit to the suggestions, however a lot of these 'limit removal' or 'feature enhancement' suggestions will severely impact the concept which CoL runs on, which most likely will not be implemented. Take for example player to player trading, the current trading system is very, very restricting. to the extent that makes gold trading and botting unviable - which is basically what NetEase is trying to control. Sure it would add a lot of fun to us players, but then the game would also be swarmed with bots and gold/item sellers. Before they have a decent strategy to counter that, I think it's prudent to not allow free trading (but honestly I do hope it's implemented some day) Another easy example is stamina - should players really be free to spam world chat any way they like? Probably not. While leveling life skills feels restricted, it's part of the game.
  9. you cant, free trade is not available in CoL (yet?) what's being auctioned is raid drops
  10. i would say quite a few warriors do proper rotation, but the playerbase mindset is ranger > warrior, hence the issue getting into parties
  11. it's usually the color of the recipe, small chance to proc and get one grade higher
  12. for epic forging - where is that?
  13. this is a balancing issue which will need to go through various stages of approval and maybe re-design - which is fine. but the problem is by the time some action is taken i fear there will be 90% scouts on the server...
  14. that's exactly what they dont want you to do, imagine someone bots 100 accounts and pool gold to main. there will be no need to buy gems, ever. especially since questing can be automated
  15. It's not about the individual strong warriors, it's about the general perception of their raiding capabilities. On raids like fort hero and chimeria, everlush etc, you will only ever see 1-2 warriors because rangers are preferred