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  1. you can get mount speed from raids too... what does this have to do with p2p?
  2. i am almost positive healers will suck in pvp, in any game. dueling 1v1 might be fine, but for any open world pvp, im sorry your class isnt exactly going to get you kills - clearly that's what you're concerned about. and you are blaming this on the 20% mount speed boost? ... please dude lol
  3. is there something wrong with using money to get your in-game gear a bit faster? p2p, strictly pay to play. winning is a lot more difficult. i spent on the game, i cant say i've got any visible advantage over others - or maybe i was just unlucky?
  4. then make sure he cant run away ;] if they dont sell, how would the rest of the server buy crystals!
  5. people want to be social, have more raiding partners, who are we to limit ppl to only 99 guild members? imo guilds can be as large as they want, the un-organized ones will fall apart after a few weeks, the organized ones will be kept to a managable size themselves anyway.
  6. most of your post was from a personal perspective, you gave a few reasons but they are all from your point of view. the in game activities are based on your experience. it's great to try and suggest things to the game, im just trying to remind you that not everyone feels the same way and perhaps you can re-think on a few of the points. regardless of the size of the guild, not everyone will be able to participate in every event/raid, that's just nature of mmo. this is really a player managed social aspect, the game should leave as much freedom as possible and let the guild masters handle it. the reasoning for a smaller guild is better fit for a clique group, in which there is no point to restrict EVERY single guild to have low member counts. also, a few things you mentioned are wrong - eg. guild war is based on guild size, the more you have, the more flags open up. my guild easily has 100+ competing in any given war.
  7. not viable to enforce everyone to have smaller guilds, because you dont want to run a large one. guild war as far as i know is random(ish) pairing, you'll have to figure out how to fight larger guilds with less people. simply not viable to ask devs to change a hard limit in game because of personal preference imo, since there doesnt look like many who would like a smaller guild.
  8. Or you could convince the guild master to only keep 100 players. Could always pose a smaller soft limit on the number of members you keep in the guild. I guarantee you the minute you reduce a hard limit, people will cry about it too limiting.
  9. ^ that, p2p and f2p are probably more accurate descriptions, does not make one 'better' than the other. i've spent a little on the game (in the 3 digits), so far i've got basically nothing to show for it - game RNG has been... unkind to me (ahem, not that im complaining...*cough*) does that make me p2w?
  10. i still remember the day when grinding exp for the next level meant killing elite mobs that gave 0.01% exp on the current level, with a party that stayed online for days on end. camping 48 hours on a special mob that respawns once a week for mount token (and dealing with the ensuing PvP chaos). running the instance for the 5,000th time because the one item you need has a 0.05% drop rate on the last of 7 bosses. or, you know, maybe im just old.
  11. Every thread that basically says "i want the best/prettiest things in game but i dont want to invest time/money" should be automatically ignored.
  12. Paladin, hopefully the paths are along the lines of buff, debuff and heal tank
  13. Still, official word would be good @RedPanda
  14. completely derailed, maybe move to a pvp discussion thread
  15. maybe after the nerf, i played warrior pre-nerf, even things like heroic AA i had to run around like crazy to avoid AOEs