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  1. It's a bug they know it but still say u speed hacked don't worrie
  2. Don’t worrie just read some of them very entertaining
  3. So same thing to day at same time as yesterday I get kicked out of game accused of speed hacking and banned for 30 mins, I put another ticket in and they begin to tell me that my game has abnormal data what the **** that’s not my problem it’s yours from Apple App Store, I short I’m getting blame for your game, I don’t hack would hack not my bag. But let’s get few things strate your game is losing people why because you don’t believe anyone you blame players who pay your wages for Mickey Mouse customer service that does nothing but always say same thing. Players fault **** you and you shot game forums and Customer **** service let me know when you your done ****ing over customers that pay. compensation go **** your self thanks for your kind understanding. Singing out ninny you bunch of
  4. So everyone who knows me would know I payed this long time well today I get a 30 min ban for what.! accused of speed hacking. Total bs shows NetEase really is losing people though completely crap, yesterday I sent customer joke oF service asking them to look a problem and again, like long list of problems I send them, same poxy excuse please understand and injoy the game. NetEase get this no one really injoying much anymore why because your customer service sucks. you don’t care crap about anyone ripping all the time, alwasy guilty before innocent, attitude NetEase you suck please injoy this post. And have a nice day Nothing gets fixed just worse. server half dead. And when there’s another mmo and there will be a better one wait . Please understand and have a crap day NetEase cheers
  5. Been happing to me from day one last year, best thing don’t spend, easy said they done but if you can don’t, also if u don’t pay for a while you get the odd 1doller deal
  6. Point everyone forgets netease simply can’t fix the d7 swap unto they receive the patch from the real game IE China version of the game, why because thts the the game works, nothing they can do as they rent the game from China,
  7. Turtle and sam sets are best and blood thirst, then any set you like armillion poison or anything, once first two sets you should be 20k dps above that with other sets higher
  8. Yes I have said this to tiny dragon 🐉 awaiting reply
  9. Some people get bored fast wow couple week since new class.
  10. I haven’t been given my medals back let alone double medals 🎖 move been messaging customer service best part since this happen they asking for dates said when last update happen and my spend rebate and seven other things no replay no help and nothing, i think it’s discrimination and they should sack them all
  11. So still waiting and reported about gems missing since made some for the ones that went missing, that’s problem 1) 2 gems level 40 thanks. 2) lost package 📦 quite simple I didn’t get the package was when the server went down same time as gems, 3) rebate I didn’t get and guess what time this was yes same time, all reported and nothing since then, 4) runes bug I’ve been placing runes in warhorn increase duration, and told customer services this that it should be higher and I’ve lost a lot of runes, this was all posted as one and I got one reply for it all over runes, reply goes like this hi crusader please note there is a chance to make the duration of war horn last longer then 1 second. But it is not promised to have the effect All the time. This is normal game setting thanks kind blah blah understanding, this is not solved the problem or any of my problems that I have listed so lost 2gems 1 package and 1 spending rebate and runes loads from upgrading war horn that seems to been fixed but I’ve still lost a lot of purple runes. This is ninny A long term player sick of being treated like a pest when we should be treated better then this. And again customer support doing nothing as per normal for me. Fix my stuff fix the the customer support
  12. They haven’t a clue , this day age one of the most important things this games done and got wrong support, i e I don’t think they understand anything we say, two even if they did using google translate they don’t care.
  13. Here we are again survival is now bugged and I’ve lost loot. you que for it and gets stuck on loading screen as per use I contact support no reply, in fact still waiting for 8 bug and lost and gems from before and no reply, and lost spending rebate, still I’m sure one day a new game will come along
  14. Could try praying, or sending pigeons some say a sacrificial Sacrifice is needed. others say a cursed relic might help.