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  1. It's a tradeable legend, I had the sash from my first box.
  2. This, i found one while AFK farming.
  3. It's black and white if you read between the lines with the multitude of the comments on here. I still feel we need to get back on topic though, this is a thread regarding the raid looting mechanics being exploited, not so much mystica.
  4. The sets I run on my paladin templar are: Armi 3/3 Arcane 3/3 Badel's 3/3 - This was interesting, as it's by far my favorite set, it's really useful and can occupy armour pieces that are tricky to find sets for; torso, legs, shoulder/helm. Noct 2/2 - You'll outgrow this set over time, but as a low level it's really useful. Injustice of light 2/2 - this is really useful as a 2 piece set. Heavenly mandate 2/3 - this was just a filler set to occupy my bracelet Eventually you'll swap armi and arcane for beacon and spinning - which is where I'm at currently. I'll be honest, L-set for pally isn't all that. If that was your motivation for exquisite legends, you're new motive will be the emerged gear, flare at grade 352.
  5. Completely agree here, just because you know of a glitch it doesn't entitle you to do it. You should know that if you do chose to exploit it, consequences will follow as it's a blatant violation of their terms of service. Whichever way you try to argue it, it's hard to believe you weren't trying to directly bug abuse, with the steps involved to perform this bug.
  6. Your best bet is to join a lower guild with player's at the same place in the game. You can all progress together each week then, during raid resets and mystica resets. Gems are super important, so continue to focus efforts there. Legendary gear will be important too, best advice I could offer to to get all legendary gear that doesn't give attack stats first and fill those slots that need attack items (Wep, Boots, Legs, Vambs, Acc, Bracelet, etc) with mystica rewards short term, as the ones that don't offer attacking stats will be much more cost-effective to level up. It's important that you look for stats suitable for your class/build when reforging, rather than just highest score. For example a double Vitality roll on shoulders will benefit a support/tank more than intellect/strength/agility.
  7. Can we please update this to reflect new names of certain attributes to clear things up for any of our new player base. I know it's quite self-explanatory, but just clears any confusion for any new guys searching for information in future.
  8. Yeah, deals randomly appear. It's based on purchase history, the deals you get, for example, if you've never topped up, you'll likely see 0.99 or 4.99 offers. Whereas people who top up fairly frequently will mostly see 9.99 -> 19.99, occasionally 48.99. Whereas those who top up often will likely see 99.99. Edit: You can purchase the offers you like, if without purchase for a while, you may find the better value deals for less, as mentioned the golden goblin deals
  9. Just keep your crystals for daily loot chests, guaranteed results to acquire the gems you need from there - as and when they appear. Over the last 48 hours, i've spent just 200~ crystals for 2 level 30 diamonds with maximum rolls from it, previously two MoL for 448 crystals a hit too. Much more cost effective. As for tickets, as others have said before me, you're not obliged to use them as and when you get them, just save them up until a lucky draw has rewards you like. Playing smart can save for tons of gold and a fair whack of real life money too if you're patient. Just because it rotates weekly, doesn't mean you absolutely have to dump tickets on that draw. Netease have just applied a common sales tactic, drawing a sense of urgency from players to top up and buy tickets for each week's spin, nothing more than a cash cow for them with horrific rates of the sparkling's.
  10. Keep playing the roulette wheel that is reforging and refining, eventually you'll land a lucky number...
  11. I've never noticed this, little naughty really, lol,
  12. I don't think you'll need an awful lot more crit, maybe 55% would be enough. Strength rolls on gear are important, as are attack. So try roll double str/attack where you can, sounds easier said than done.. E: Don't neglect defensive stats though, as a dead dps is no dps. Have you upped any of your star circles to improve basic attack?
  13. Just hide and afk like everyone else does.
  14. I've noticed this too, filed many reports also. In the multitude of reports, I've only ever had a response from support once, that was late 2017. We raised concerns over filtering of chats, it was acted on. Let's try clear up usernames to make this a cleaner, friendlier environment for our younger player-base.
  15. Not fully maxed on faction