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  1. Hey stranger, welcome. Remember to collect your 200 when you pass go.
  2. Yep. I've vented my frustrations and Ocho has posted an update on faction chat on my thread regarding that. I agree, some form of player moderation would be a great feature to include for this game and it would help them clear up communication platforms, be it faction chat, world or race chat. Link below:
  3. If you teleport to the ancient ruins (on map), there's an npc called 'Matt', you can exchange it here for aldorr medals.
  4. Hi Ocho, thanks for the prompt reply. As for specific requests to censor, I feel just your usual bits and bobs to make it a more pleasant experience for our younger player base, giving us who let our children play these games a little more peace of mind that it’s a safer gaming environment. I’m glad to see a disable function is being looked into, as it is much needed. E: Is there anyway we can have some clarity of the reporting process? Not to be a spoil sport, but offensive and derogatory usernames have surfaced since the release of faction chat and it would be nice to learn more about that process as it definitely needs a username cleanup!
  5. Why do we not have an option to filter this? Why is it not moderated? Why can you not report people during cross-server PvP? What benefits did you actually see implementing this system? Did you forget you have younger players playing this game? Have you really forgotten the market you provide for? How would their parents feel seeing what is being discussed in faction chat? Have you actually logged in to your own personal accounts to look at; How distracting this chat is, how unfiltered the chats that take place here? I hope this is addressed, because right now it's nothing more than a spam party outlining how poorly controlled your game is right now, quite honestly, it's embarrassing. I don't feel like I can even leave my device auto-farming anymore just because I don't dare for the little one to pick up my tablet and ask what does x-y-z mean which he has seen on the chat. You really dropped the ball on this one. You added a platform for communications with no option to filter language, no option to filter what we can and can't see. Suggestion: Add a toggle option to decide when faction chat is enabled cross server. - This can reduce spam during daily activities. Add a filter to enable certain servers as/when we feel. - To help co-ordinate cross server activities, arenas, faction, whatever. Add a language filter to address our younger player base. Add functionality to the report system whilst inside PvP areas. I know i'm not alone on this, so feel free to include your own suggestions and hopefully this get addressed, sooner rather than later.
  6. I would imagine they come from the Chimeria pack, given that's the box they sell in there. Respectively, if it is, your desired mount is going to cost you more than you would like to imagine.
  7. I don’t want to see other server conversations when playing through dailies and raid content and I know I’m not alone on this. Can we look at an option to toggle disable/enable cross-server chat? It’s next to useless outside and serves no purpose for 95% of gameplay. It’s irritating and last thing I want to see if vulgar language. There’s minimal moderation of the chat, being filters that are simply by-passed. This is probably the biggest drawback of the game. Forget bugs, poor customer service and lack of commitment to a paying player base; there’s simply too many chats, world notifications and announcements happening that it’s impossible to keep up to speed with any channel whatsoever.
  8. Feel sorry for those who have opted to use their holiday entitlement at work to get a head start with the new class.
  9. "Can't beat them, Join them!" That's what I've done. In a month of playing, i've managed to gear up to 40k GS on my pally, should catch my 65k mystic up fairly quick... Especially given I've copped like 4 legendary items for the price of 2 on my mystic.. Example- Paid 120k for boots on pally, 750k on mystic.. lol it's insane.
  10. Be mindful, these are worth near 2M~ gold on blazing plains server. Very rare (Mystic).
  11. You need to do dailies which reward activity points (Stamina) to refill it.
  12. Just use faction medals daily for the stuff you need and alt medals for the stones. Wait until you need to re-roll the required item sets, that can be a pain strictly due to the luck factor of it.
  13. Paladin's are fantastic DPS, similar to warriors, they are at a melee distance which may raise some mobility concerns on higher tier raids, so you may find yourself needing to focus more towards survival stats to withstand additional damage in certain scenarios. But with a solid rotation and a bit of know-how, you can find yourself dealing some insane DPS. My pally is 20 days old at 35k character score and already deals a consistent 10k dps at only 38% crit.
  14. I hope this doesn't happen now after dumping 1.5m gold into a brand new paladin after lots of consideration to level one up over the last 3 weeks... If it happens, it happens, but if not it's alright by me. Only benefit of not bringing it out means that players who have created new characters will reap the reward and actually understand their best rotations, skills for each scenario, etc. If it does drop after the 28/02/2018, we can expect to see our mystic population dramatically decrease.
  15. It may be better investment to just obtain one piece of divine equipment for an achievement early on, then use flowers for star circle after that. Obviously dependent on class and the role it will play within raids you may or may not want to invest more flowers into divine gear.