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  1. Use your life skill, a nice easy 10k gold/day collecting the level 30 resources. Will take you between 30-45 minutes or you can do between dailies during downtime to do it passively.
  2. You should be able to receive one from the questline. Otherwise, you can just make 5k gold quick to purchase one.
  3. Hopefully so. Sick and tired of the potions being next to chat and opening chat instead of sipping a health potion.
  4. A customisable UI would be fantastic. Most other MMO's (PC) allow you to customise the UI to suit your play style. This would be huge, however don't think it's something that would be an easy implementation on a phone/tablet.
  5. Ya. After re-reading it, I think he means his burst on razor wind is 20k. Lol.
  6. Whilst we're at it, let's add particles to mystic weapons too. Please give me the sparkly staff, leaving a nice trail behind me to let my following during trial quests know where to auto-follow.
  7. I remember reading somewhere that surpression can't be avoided, which if true, is completely overpowered.
  8. Rangers should not receive a heal, period. No ranger classes on other MMO's have a heal, they benefit from high mobility and heavy DPS. In all honesty, I main a mage. However, I have a scout ranger which I enjoy playing and have found myself playing more and more lately, however it's not feasible to switch and main the scout after the hours put into achievements and grinding gears. I also have a fang, which I do not enjoy playing at all - Just preference really.
  9. Took long enough, definitely worth the wait. - Have since upgraded to 320. Stats at 320:
  10. Virtue 2/4 is fine, as you'll want the double pblast. You then need secret (mystic galaxy heal 30%) and flock (arc shield increase 30%). Natures blessing is fine to start with but can be subbed out if not required. You'll need to roll those d1 sets on random gears or legendary gear. But BIS will be legendary gear as it's grade goes to 320 as opposed to divine which doesn't go to 320.
  11. If it was easy then it wouldn't motivate players to pay to play. Set yourself a target. I've crafted 9 legendaries so far, 8 of which I use, 1 which was for essence to upgrade. I tend to save stones for 50% of my crafts and buy the rest - I do batches of 30, as I prefer that. It takes a while to save alt medals up for this (30 regular bps, 60 on the 4x stones), so that's a good few days worth of work, however you gather 50% of required resources from life skill and you should be able to use gold from the other days to purchase bps/other resources. It's cost effective and doesn't break your bank. Likelihood is you don't need bloods yet from your post - so get involved in some sky blaze runs to gather extra gold/hearts each week. I'd maybe focus your attention on something that doesn't give attack stats on the basis if you've got a bad streak of luck, you may not see a legend essence anytime soon. I'm on a bad run myself, 142 crafts with no luck. 90 sash's, 52 off-hands (Bought lots of stones during black friday 50% off), but taking it with a pinch of salt as this is just burning spare gold, in turn going to return lots of essence to upgrade lower runes for free hp and hopefully get the off-hand for a big bump on def/spelldef/hp to ready me for h1+ lords.
  12. Which? If you just want better DPS you need to craft attack bonus gear > Weapon, boots, vambraces. Look for crit stats on your other gears.
  13. Yes. When you dismantle a lvl 40, you get shards which you can split across lvl 20 gems in other slots or simply replace said 40 gem with the same with default subs (1.1% crit) for this gem. Essentially anything 1.5% higher is usually good to keep. 1.2-1.4% is a placeholder and anything lower gets burned for others/default. That’s how I work my diamonds at least.
  14. Shouldn’t name and shame on these boards. Just report with a small description of what’s going on. Ive had a report come back to me recently.
  15. Really useful points. I've found myself having to wake up early hours in the morning to get my trial quests done (Biggest time sink) to help me be able to get all dailies done throughout my week, whilst working full time it really takes up a chunk of your day. Stamina burn, i usually get this done in the evening when I get home - Whilst cooking dinner, walking the dog, whatever. I just do this passively as and when I can. Maybe I go on a lunch break at work and burn 20 stamina, have 5 minutes quiet period, another 10, etc. This is the only time-effective way I can burn stamina without using the guild hall. Following up on Sem's comments. Whilst resets are long, this means we have less time to gather gold for our resources. You could argue more resources = less competition on prices. However, I don't think that's the case. I buy 8 bloods and about 12 frosts each week. Collectively that's 172k gold I have to find each week to maintain solid progression on upgrading my legendary.