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  1. Mainly attack+ bps sell for 1k or higher. Just be mindful of which you craft and why you’re crafting. Because some will take 4x stones alongside pricey bps it can deplete gold quickly and you may be better off buying from AH.
  2. it's the worst when typing on a mobile device if you're slow like me
  3. Craft in bulk. It can be soul destroying crafting 30x boots with no legend in one hit due to needing 4x stone per craft, but if you pull a dupe then you can just dismantle the lowest grade for legend essence which you'll need later on. I craft on packs of 30 and have managed to craft 5 legends so far. Weapon, Vambraces, Sash, Pauldrons, Helmet. The weapon was the only one i didn't craft in bulk. Most days i don't even bother to do the daily 2/2 crafting, unless i need to ID some gears for upgrades then I'd rather identify some D1/D2 gears for daily if i do... Then just bulk craft at the end of every other week, when I've accumulated enough stones to afford to do so. E: It's luck. People are speculating around 3% chance of crafting one, so that's why i craft in sets of 30, which is near enough 3% (1/33).
  4. You get additional attributes every 500 points. I'd highly advise if you don't already to leave your game/device auto attacking certain monsters (Achievements > Growth > Adventure) overnight so you can achieve these without taking any time out of your day, as you get points for 100, 1000 and 10,000 kills.
  5. Continue to do your daily quests, trials, 3111 (goblint 3x, 1x all other raids) dungeon runs, etc. Clear these daily, do all events you can under the advent tab. I do all minus the forge daily - Reason being I like to craft my stuff in bulk of 30 (Personal preference). Also, continue to do your daily reputation tasks everyday - This will unlock achievements and eventually give you additional stats in the long haul. If you need any help, feel free to message me.
  6. Additional servers wouldn't help, would spread the community far too much from the servers we have available. How often do you have to wait 'x' period of time to join 'y' team? Compensation only affected a small percentage of players. The problem with people crying for the new servers, they're doing so because player1 received more than them and they feel cheated by the system. We all feel cheated to some extent, but majority of the player base has sucked it up and soldiered on. @cuyno927 Lots of people i know, whether compensated or not are not bothered and have chilled out now. We're playing for fun, despite being in one of the top 2 guilds on our server. Yes, we noticed certain players within both ours and other guilds gained lots of gear score overnight, sliding their way into the top 35~ or so. We've accepted it, move on. Even those who received nothing are continuing to play, because they enjoy the game, whilst it may be seen as a "missed opportunity" for free stuff/upgrades, so what? Half the fun is taking the time out to improve your character.
  7. It's a tough one. I think it depends on the role you play. Are you outright DPS or do you play as DPS and carry an aoe/shield to support your team as a back up healer incase your heals hit a lag-spike and die (PvE)? Currently, I'm similar to you sat on 68 mystic galaxy, 55 FoW. FoW skill ups haven't been intentional as I've put priorities into p.blast (64) and mystic galaxy (68) before i moved from Shepherd to Magellana's as I ALWAYS carry my p.blast as a precautionary. If you're running secret, you could maybe sacrifice some MG skill ups as you're gaining 30% from set bonuses and put other focus into FoW skill ups, if you have reg stones free (or vice versa).
  8. Just because something is 1/20 doesn’t mean you should expect to get one within 20. There’s still an element of luck. To put in it perspective, how many legends have you crafted? Crafted legends are approx. 3%. LoD 1/20 =5/100 (5%). Respectively, it’s easier to come across a crafted legend in this argument because bps are more accessible to the playerbase as a whole, however in both examples were highlighting the small drop chance to receive either or. Wording on their products, whether purchasable or not should be fixed to reflect a more accurate description of what you’re buying. We could all sit here and knit-pick little bits and bobs about it, as I’m sure we could about almost every other game you’ve played on mobile.
  9. I think you missed the point of the comment.
  10. It doesn’t matter to the best of my knowledge. Reforge(reg. stones) after 3rd upgrade though for higher rolls. Dont use gold for your irons unless you have excess gold... Just gather from team raids and faction quests.
  11. Yeah, black screen before loading. Some reddit users have raised a ticket, to which support have suggested to play on a mobile device in the mean time. Its a a shame because CoL zaps my phone battery super quick and I tend to rep farm/achievement grind on the gameroom.
  12. Oki doke. My theory is to buy 30 bps and do them in one hit. 😂 3%~ chance theoretically 1/33.
  13. I’m considering trying on a helmet. As to this point in CoL I’ve crafted legendaries to work around my divine gears (helmet last to buy 3/4 atm). Working on crafting helmet next as a trial as I’ve seen a crafted legend with virtue. D1 isn’t too hard to roll on a crafted either. Presumably 208 is where it needs to be at score wise.