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  1. I believe Rurik can be drawn from a Draw 10. But he is a 4* hero, like Rasha and Bane. So it is rare that anybody will draw Rurik. Oma is not unbalanced as he only gives 20% health and attack to his host. Oma with and Rasha with Pantos gear is a pretty good combo against a Rurik.
  2. FairyW, as for bugged heroes in PVP, or Duel, or GW our guild continues to find the remedies for all those bugs. Omavars are no challenge any more, and we are close to a remedy for Rurik/Cedel teams in PVP. The game can stand a shake up fsho, but those bugs you whine about are what keeps the game fun for us.
  3. Aegon, any runes that are directed at enemy heroes have no effect on Boss or other creatures. I have always wondered if the stackable runes like Warlock carry over from 1 GW battle to the next.