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  1. Dude class swap is never coming... Get over it and move on =)
  2. Oh so very true =)
  3. Wait i translated. Haha i dont think you will be able to forum moderate, english being the primary language on this forums =)
  4. Yea nah.. No idea what your saying
  5. Ocho and Tiny Dragon no longer work for NetEase. Thats all we know. And since no new community managers have been hired.
  6. Yep thats correct there is no community managers at all anymore. Hence no forum moderators etc.
  7. rip RedPanda, Ocho and TinyDragon
  8. Japan version shut down thats all we know for now.
  9. There is no community managers anymore. Patch notes wont get posted.
  10. Haha I really couldn't care =) Your not mouthing about my ele though right? Just hide behind your anonymous nickname you weak dog.
  11. Lol look at you both weak fcks that hide behind an anonymous nickname and mouth off.. Get your facts right. I dumped 6.2k usd actually and couldn't care less =)
  12. Lol fck you peasant.. who ever u are..
  13. LOL so true..
  14. At this stage no it seems they have no one running community relations and as they fired (from what I heard) the people that were in that roll I wouldn't hold my hopes very high.
  15. How did the player jump from rank 50 to rank 1? i think that's an exaggeration..