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  1. Maintenance is the same time every week. Usually for 2hours but if they do a content update it can go anywhere from 6-8hours. Message comes out in game mail 24h before hand.
  2. They still do boost, Just not with the skills we thought. Both glacial spike and elemental matrix buff others in the raid. It still makes a conj a viable buffer class just not as great as we had first thought.
  3. Just in addition, one of my guildies told me he checked the Chinese version of the game, and conjuring force skills translates to suggest that it only buffs the caster and not allies. So the skill may indeed be functioning properly as intended and its simply the translation that is at fault.
  4. Thanks for posting this @Avaclon and it looks as though you have tested the results yourself as well and found the same thing?
  5. I guess he means that no longer can f2p players farm with alts then xfer the gold over easily with lvl 40 bp's
  6. @Ocho since the last update what ever adjustments you have implemented are way off. I'm seeing large numbers of people on my server and my guild getting banned for speed hacking. Most of them didn't even know speed hacking was a thing. I think something in your detection is way off.
  7. It definitely seems like the methods they are using to detect this speed hacking is a bit broken. They don't wish to share the methods using for detection but it sounds like they are getting far to many false positives. My honed opinion is it probably has something to do with lag or ping spikes.
  8. My guess is that what ever method they are using to detect the speed hacking is not 100% reliable. Ie: something about the speed hacking behaviour might also be regular behaviour for an internet connection. Could be lag or ping spike related? One of our guys who got banned lags alot and it was the only thing I could put it down to.
  9. Yea I don't need any more leg essence at this stage.
  10. The problem as pointed out in another thread is that it would kill the economy and market. What would happen to the people who now get legendary drops for other classes. Oh no rangers left so my leg Sash/weapon/helm is going to sit on the AH for months without any sale.
  11. Have you bothered to watch the live streams. This has been discussed and acknowledged multiple times as an issue that is being looked into and they are trying to work out the best way to resolve this problem. @God Like
  12. Ahh yes there u go knew i saw it somewhere.
  13. Ahh so i guess you had not considered the fact that it would likely be a DIFFERENT mystica with different mob mechanics that could effect your DPS?
  14. Yea i will agree it does seem a bit fishy that they release a 3 month goblin pack with 5 of these potions that get you right to level 55, then at the same time release a event that gives free legendary equipment. They go to the effort to put together an FAQ but decide not to include the fact that the legendary is bound and not able to be sold. Not only that it was hinted that the same box was used as the Black Friday/Easter Monday sale in fact i think i even saw a post from RedPanda in the Unofficial discord about it (appreciate it's not an official channel of information). I have to agree it does FEEL a bit like a scam to up the sales of the $80 Goblin Pack.
  15. I don't like your chances there Poyo lol..