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  1. I ask because latest patch notes do not mention defensive stats of Purlik or Baatimius which leads me to think they don't have defensive stats and therefore piercing does nothing against them. Does piercing help against elemental leaders? Also what does 1 point of piercing equate to? Does 1 point of piercing effectively ignore 1 point of defense from the enemy or is it a multiple? Thx Tig
  2. just wondering if the damage from a gear set proc will increase as you increase character damage. i.e. will malum hit harder if i increase my damage from 1200 to 1300? or is the malum proc damage a fixed amount? Tig
  3. Agree with Esrun. I have issues trying to fill a team with 6 other pugs for late night heroic runs when it can be completed with 1,2, or 3 people in most cases.
  4. According to the stats, it would seem that there is no difference between Strength +1 and Damage +1 on a piece of equipment, is that correct? I presumed that strength must have some additional effects relative to damage.