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  1. Crusaders of Light August 15 Patch Notes Events- The PvP Season and Rebate Event is running an extra week! Claim triumph for your faction before Aug. 29!Feature- Added UI elements on New Arrival page indicating event token owned and how to redeem themBug Fixes- Fixed some drop and achievement issues regarding the Time Echo Bracelet and Time Echo Necklace- Fixed minor translation and UI issues
  2. New Feature: Fight for Milura Event Introduction Opens every Saturday from 9:00-10:00 cross-server time. Faction possession of Titan Matrices is reset on Saturdays at midnight (0:00). Each map will be used for two rounds. Matrix possession will be determined at random for the first round, and will change hands for the second. In order to register for this event, characters must be at least level 30 and have a faction military rank of at least level 3. The map will be locked from 8:50-9:00. Players can register for the event during this time, but no one will be able to enter the map until it is unlocked. Fight for Milura takes place from 9:00-10:00. If the match is not yet full, players of each faction can queue to enter the event. Players with special Faction titles do not need to queue to enter and are not subject to player limits. During the combat phase, factions can win points by defeating the enemy general, enemy players, or by taking control of the Titan Matrix. Players consistently exhibiting negative behavior (griefing, leaving, etc.) will receive a formal warning from their faction leader. After a certain number of warnings, players with negative behaviors will be ejected from the event. When the event concludes at 10:00, each player will be given a score (determined by map objectives, kills, etc.) and ranked accordingly. The total score of each team will determine the winning faction and corresponding prize. Potential prizes include: legendary weapons, star circles, star circle upgrade resources, grade 144 PvP talismans and earrings, and others. Special Prizes Special week-long titles will be awarded as follows: “Faction Leader” for the top three guild leaders of the winning faction, and “Faction Hero” for the top 10 overall players. Any player to earn either of said titles will gain special faction-related privileges such as the ability to skip the Fight for Milura queue. The Fight for Milura match determines Titan Matrix possession for the following week. Players standing near an enemy Matrix will be Suppressed, take additional PvP damage, and have reduced move speed. The number of Titan Matrices occupied determines each faction’s Battle Coin bonus for the following week. Any player who contributed to their faction during the preparation period for this event will enjoy this bonus. Faction Resources Players can earn faction resources through faction quests and other daily quests, as well as by defeating opposing faction players in events such as Faction Trade and Fight for Milura. They can also be acquired by purchasing Faction Packs. There are weekly limits on how many resources a faction can acquire. Plundered and purchased resources share the same limit, and resources from daily quests share a separate limit. The amount of accumulated faction resources affects the HP level of your factions’s Titan Matrix. Accumulate more faction resources to get the HP advantage of the Titan Matrix in the event. Contributing faction resources increases your faction contribution score. Every week, the top 10 contributors in each faction will gain a week-long special faction title, and special faction-related privileges such as the ability to skip the Fight for Milura queue. The accumulated faction resources will be cleared at the end of each Fight for Milura event. Contest Coins Contest Coins can be earned in all faction-related events and other PvP events. Contest Coins can be used in the Fight for Milura shop to buy special PvP potions which provide exclusive attribute and recovery enhancements during the event. All players’ unspent Contest Coins will be reset to zero at the end of each Fight for Milura event. Faction Barrage During the Fight for Milura event, players entering PvP maps will automatically unlock “Faction Barrage” which allows real-time progress to be broadcast quickly to the entire team in the form of a bullet screen. Titan Boss Two Titan Bosses will be refreshed at 9:10, 9:20 and 9:40. Once defeated, nearby players will gain a 50% PvP damage buff for three minutes. A big Titan Boss will be refreshed at 9:30 and 9:50. Once defeated, nearby players will gain a 100% PvP damage buff for three minutes. The damage buffs described above will be removed upon player’s death. Morale System Warriors outside the battlefield can assist their friends and allies through the Activity panel. A Morale Boost can be purchased for 50k silver to increase your individual score by 80 and increase your faction’s morale by 3. Reinforcements can be purchased for 500k silver to increase your individual score by 120 and increase your faction’s morale by 10. Morale gives your team a buff which scales with morale level (the higher your morale, the better the buff). Faction members assisting their teams will get a gift corresponding to their individual score at the end of the match.
  3. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue with the close button on some pop-up pages Fixed a wording problem in Lucky Draw achievements Fixed an UI display issue on Windwhisper Survival match screen
  4. Thank you for celebrating our 1-Year Anniversary with us!  Now the anniversary and Shadow Knight events has ended, but the adventure should never stop. Gear yourself up, explore the world and fight for Milura. There are more events and fun coming soon! Feature Now outfits can be traded even after they have been dropped from the outfit boxes Added secondary confirmation upon opening unmatched class outfit boxes UX Improvement Added UI elements to display available crystals on New Arrival and Trending page Improved lucky ticket purchase experience on Lucky Draw page Bug Fixes Fixed minor translation and UI issues
  5. UX Improvement Added preview functions for more chests in a variety of panels Improved display in Guild related panels Bug Fixes Fixed an exchange issue with Springtime Legendary Gift Box Corrected the listing price for Oath Starlight Pack in Festival Box Shop Corrected path guide icons for Shadow Knight and Elementalist Fixed minor translation and UI issues
  6. I. New Class - Shadow Knight A brand new class, Shadow Knight, has arrived. The Shadow Knight can be transferred to one of three classes: Blood Knight, Soul Knight and Doom Knight: Blood Knight uses the powers of life and death to protect the living. They gain the transfer skill “Anti-Magic Shield” which effectively absorbs magic damage and recovers energy. Soul Knights dominate everything in their path, striking shock and fear into the very souls of their enemies. They gain the transfer skill “Soul Assault” which deals massive damage. Doom Knights are the heralds of the Plague, aiding the Lord of Death in purging the world of sin. They gain the transfer skill “Evil Sickle” which deals damage to the target and enhancing any disease effects already afflicting It. II. Shadow Knight Returning Events Sacrifice of Blood, Praise of the Dead During the event, teams with Shadow Knights will receive additional rewards when completing the multiplayer raids. Event time: July 11 (after maintenance) to July 25 (before maintenance). In the boss battle, the party needs to include at least one Shadow Knight with the collecting to trigger the reward. This reward is issued together with the normal raid reward, but only the player with collecting right will receive it. Rewards are also issued in the Guild Raid, Five-Hero Raid, and all Team Raids. Shadow Knight, Immortal Hero Among the warriors fighting to the death against demons in the front, some revive with strong wills and become Shadow Knights. They mourn their comrades who have passed on. Their hearts are ignited by fiery need for vengeance. The surviving Shadow Knights built a monument for their martyred friends in front of the solemn Statue of Magellana. Mourn the dead comrades with the Shadow Knight before going to Karanvale. Each player mourning at the Monument of the Brave once a day can receive a “Memories Giftbox”. At the same time, you can spend 20,000 Gold to purchase the Garland of Memories in the Shop every day. Put the garland on the Monument of the Martyrs and you will get the "Shadow Knight\'s Gift", from which you can get a lot of precious items, including the out-of-print orange title \“Immortal Hero\”. Shadow Knight, Elegy of Souls After this maintenance period, the Royal City Quartermaster and Merchants of Karanvale will begin to prepare supplies to welcome the return of the Shadow Knights. Help them find the items they need for rich rewards. III. Purge in the Mists This new PvP map spans the entirety of Karanvale. We have taken the gameplay of Shadowveil Assassination and added elements of Battle Royale. As a deadly fog closes in around you, defeat enemies and/or look for treasure chests to obtain equipment and items. Rewards: The reward limit for this game is shared with Windwhisper Survival and Shadowveil Assassination, as is its daily quest reward. This feature is currently in test mode, and we welcome all players to come try out this new game mode and let us know what you think. IV. New Raid: Dawn Cathedral - Secret Astrologer Sanctum A 10-player team raid. You can go challenging at hero level 55 and talent level 75. The squad that achieves the first kill in that raid server will receive the exclusive first killing achievement and the title.    V. Mystica Peak-level Mystica have been unlocked. They will be available on a server once it progresses to Kothas Foundry (Heroic). Any servers already meeting this requirement prior to maintenance will automatically unlock all Mystica. The new Mystica Boss has stronger battle capabilities. Defeat the formidable Boss and enjoy a rich reward. VI. Raid Adjustments Dawn Cathedral and Kothas Foundry Removed the admission limit of Dawn Cathedral--Choral Courtyard and Kothas Foundry (Heroic). Reduced the attack power and HP of two Bosses of the Kothas Foundry (Heroic) raid, and additionally reduced the damage of the Sinister Lord Leray\’s skill in Phase 3. Reduced the attack power and HP of two Bosses of the Dawn Cathedral--Choral Courtyard raid. Dawn Cathedral Boss No. 1, Lansel Reduced Lansel\’s HP Reduced the damage of LanseL\'s \“Assembly Order\” skill Greatly reduced HP of the Shield Knight summoned by Lansel Reduced the skill damage of the Shield Knight summoned by Lancel Shorten the duration of Lansel\’s \“Defensive Stance\” Greatly reduced the rebound damage of the reflect damage shield during the \“Defensive Stance\” Added Lansel’s first phase skill \“Soldier Order\” to the second battle phase. We did this to give players players more time and opportunity to inflict damage on Lansel thus make the stage easier. Dawn Cathedral Boss No. 2, Gemini Guardian Greatly reduced Gemini Guardian\’s rebound damage from the reflect damage shield Reduced Gemini Guardian\’s HP Slightly reduced Gemini Guardian\'s skill damage The ground warning time of the Gemini Guardian\’s "Sun Burst" skill was extended from 2 seconds to 4 seconds. Now, when Yoe and Yeo are close to each other, they no longer gain reflect damage shield, and instead each gain their own damage reduction shield. Other Raids Moved Fort Desolation and Ash Fort from the Team Raid page to the Raid page The new raid reward rule only affects 10- and 20-player raids, and will not affect 5-player raids or 40-player guild raids. Each player has a boss ‘collection’ limit, replacing the shared boss drop limits. You can get a reward as long as you have ‘collections’ left. Once you have used all your collections, you will not be able to get a raid reward and raid bid. Collection counts are reset at 24:00 on Thursday night. Players can only claim rewards from a given boss once per cycle (0:01 Friday to 24:00 Thursday). Bosses with identical names but different difficulties are considered to be distinct bosses. The number of times to collect every week is tied to the server’s raid progress. The higher the progress, the more collection times players will have. Basic rewards can be gained 6 times per week. After the server\’s raid progress reaches Skyblaze Village - Camp Darkhold (Heroic), the collection limit is raised to 8 per week. Fixed the bug where a raid boss was unable to Fury in some cases. Fixed the settlement bug of the crush damage caused by the Mystica boss. It will be resolved after this week’s maintenance. Fixed the bug causing incorrect routes to Kothas Foundry and Core of Rock Essence. Lowered the difficulty level of Dawn Cathedral--Choral Courtyard VII. Tribe Chieftain Invasion Greatly reduced the armor of Warrior Monster. Reduced Tribe Chieftain\’s normal attack damage, making the damage more in line with our expectations. Fixed a bug that cause certain AOE attacks to not work in some cases. Fixed a bug in which Tribe Chieftain could not use skills correctly after using Fury. Fixed a bug in which Tribe Chieftain had Hate out of order. VIII. Gems Players can go to Karanvale and ask the Elven Gem Merchant Joaquim to combine Sparkling Gem Shards into a Sparkling Gem Fragment. IX. Glyphs and Inscriptions Level 1-4 Attack Inscriptions Sacrifice Inscription: HP bonus increased Ferocity Inscription: attack power bonus increased Flourish Inscription: HP bonus increased Increased the additional Heal Crit effect of the level 4 Highly Skilled Inscription from 0.8% to 2%. Added a crititical damage +2% effect to Level 4 Ferocity Inscriptions Added an effect to Level 4 Highly Skilled and Monolith Inscriptions in which \“using normal attacks has a chance to reduce the cooldown of the following skills: War Horn, Star Rain, Arcane Contract, Light Infusion and Elemental Breath\”, and greatly improved cooldown reduction Level 4 Destiny and Flourish inscriptions now increase attack power by 1% when HP is less than 50%. A brand new \“Magical Inscription Fragment Chest\” in on sale in the Star Ring Glyph Store (costs silver). This has replaced the \“Bright Glyph Chest\”. The following glyphs have been removed from the “Shadowveil Assassination” Reputation Shop: Hunter (Lvl. 3 and 4) Support (Lvl. 3 and 4) Protective (Lvl. 3 and 4) Snipe (Lvl. 4) Tyrant (Lvl. 4) Meditation (Lvl. 4) Players who already have Lvl. 4 Snipe, Meditation, and/or Tyrant inscriptions can exchange them with Karanvale’s “Razorwind” Currion at a 1:1 rate as follows: Snipe → Ferocity Meditation → Highly Skilled or Monolith Tyrant → Destiny or Flourish Karanvale’s “Razorwind” Currion has a new function allowing level 4 inscriptions to be combined and exchanged. You can exchange 8 identical level 3 inscriptions for a level 4 inscription. Adjusted the reputation level required to unlock glyphs. Optimized the entire exchange process in the glyph interface. Level 5 glyphs can now be exchanged. Fixed the bug causing the sort and cancel buttons in the glyph bag to have no effect. Added a confirmation pop-up message when dismantling glyphs in batches, to prevent accidents. The Broken Blade and Broken Armor effect of Level 5 Monolith and Attack Glyphs were fixed. The durations were extended to three times the original maximum when stacking effects. X. New Guild Event: Guild Trials Guild Trials will be open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 19:30-19:45, replacing the old “Guild Goblins” event. The Trials will have four stages, as follows: Players must protect their guild’s flags from three sides. Three waves of enemies will come to take your flag and destroy your morale. If any of the flags are destroyed, your guild is defeated. Players must break through the defenses of the goblin leader and destroy his army’s war machines. Be careful! These war machines do major damage to players, so take them out ASAP! The goblin minions have occupied the guild! Players must kill four types of goblin to acquire the tokens they carry. Once you have all the tokens you need, guild leaders can tap “Collection Complete” to summon the final boss. The closer the total number of each of the four token types are to each other, the better the items the final boss will drop. Defeat the goblin boss, and restore honor to you guild! XI. Goblin Bounties There is a reward list posted in the royal city. Each task on the list can be completed for great rewards! Goblin Bounties is a weekly event which comes online once a server has unlocked Wind Bluff Prison. There will be two quest raids per week to which the event quests are tied. Any quest rewards will be distributed at the same time as the raid boss drops. Enter the Recommended Events page (the button at the bottom left corner of the mini-map) to view these raids and exchange quest items for corresponding prizes. The event will reset every Friday at 0:00, and last for the whole week. XII. Skill Adjustments Max rune level increased to 65. Rune upgrades anywhere from level 61-65 requires expending new materials, “Rune Crystals” and “Bladefall Vibranium”. Players needing more high-level rune upgrade materials can seek out Elder Daven in Whiterose Village to exchange Bloodline Stones, Arcane Stones, Void Stones, and Phantom Stones for Bloodline Crystals, Arcane Crystals, Void Crystals, and Phantom Crystals respectively. Skill level cap has been extended to 65. Upgrading skill levels in the 56-65 range will require using silver coins, skill points, Advanced Magic Manuals, and Breath of Depry. Skill point limit expanded from 500 to 1,000. XIII. Equipment New Sets Two new sets will become available after this week’s maintenance period: Karma Set Two-piece effect: When using a single-target healing spell, there is a chance to summon a Holy Light Matrix (healing aura) centered on the target. Three-piece effect: When a Holy Light Matrix is summoned, the caster has a 50% chance to turn into a Dark Archangel, gaining the protection of the Dark Angels, and turning the Holy Light Matrix into a Dark Matrix, dealing continuous damage to enemies in the area, and upgrades the healing to allies to a percent of max health heal. Cosmic Set Two-piece effect: Using any skill has a chance to rain down 88 stars from the sky, dealing continuous damage to enemies in the area of effect. Three-piece effect: When the stars fall, Star Rain’s cooldown is reduced by 60 seconds (Rangers only). New Set - Time Echo Time Echo——Wearing the new suit has a chance to copy this skill when dealing the damage to the monster targets or using a healing skill to a player. Players can get the Time Echo Bracelet (among other items) by redeeming Oath Rings and Sacred Hearts in the Festival page. Oath Rings and Sacred Hearts can be obtained from Alajoh\'s Treasure and Picchu\'s Super Value Gift in the Shop. Adjustments to Old Sets 2-piece Apocalypse sets no longer grant 200 MP, and instead grant an additional 100 HP. The MP buff of Arcane Ring set does not take effect on the Shadow Knight. Shadow Knight\'s Time Echo set has changed: using Soul Strike, Soul Reap, Blood Hell or Sorrow now has a chance to restore 40 energy. Shadow Knights can\'t activate the old effects of Time Echo. Please remember to change the suit effect after transferring to Shadow Knight. New Equipment Enhancement System – Available at Mastery Lvl. 40 Each equipment slot can be “promoted” to provide percentage-based enhancements, including attribute bonuses and bonuses to skill levels. Once an equipment slot has been promoted enough, it can be refined, giving it a an extra bonus to skill levels and legendary attributes when using legendary equipment. XIV. Other Adjustments After the player uses the fashion effect with the action expression, there will be a guide tutorial to help you better use the cool action expression. Added a respawn point mechanism for Rob the Tramcar With the excavation of the treasure, further inscription fragments were added to the Trial Quests, Cargo Quests, Guild Goblins and Guild Quiz events. When playing Windwhisper Survival or Shadowveil Assassination, players can earn reputation points for both events. All Shadowveil Assassination quest rewards will now drop an equivalent value of Inscription Fragments in place of “Basic Inscription(s)”. You can now see animation previews of mounts in the Mounts interface. In order to accommodate the launch of Fight for Milura on all servers and ensure a positive PvP experience for all players, we have made adjustments to Faction Cross-Server matchmaking. After maintenance, cross-server battles should be more fair. New interface for Honor and Peak groups: Will show objective information, making it easier for players to coordinate and focus fire Will remove the statistics panel and add a comprehensive statistics panel at the end of the battle to allow players to review the fight Will be optional. Players can toggle between new and old interfaces with the Switch Modes button near the top of the screen. Made small balance adjustments to Aldorr Coliseum: Honor Group class template attributes. Deleted voice chat function from chat channels.