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  1. With the recent release of Identity V, I was very impressed about how the developers made an innovative game and remade fun game mechanics. They added a story mode with voice acting, Incorporated the tutorial in the story, has a “Coraline” doll design which is just so unique, and has various unlockables for constant replay. When the game works, it is extremely fun and intense with ok controls in an eerie environment. Not to mention, NetEase did this all for a mobile game! This is an accomplishment in itself! Well enough praising the game, I wanted to talk about a game suggestion that I wish to see in the near future. As NetEase said themselves to a review on the App Store, we were given approval by the creators of Dead by Daylight and feedback on how to make the game better. When I read that, I was amazed that a rival game company did that; even after the fiasco with Rules of Survial/PUBG concern. Well since they have made games in the past with similar game mechanics, why stop there? I feel their next game should be another horror/survival multiplayer game. It should be similar to the popular Friday the 13th game, but with NetEase’s own take on the game just like Identity V. I can imagine it now this would be super fun to play with friends on the go! Feel free to say if you agree or don’t agree. If you do, we should really get NetEase to try to consider this.