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  1. Hi all, After the countless threads, tickets and bugs that haven’t been responded to or fixed I thought it would be a great idea to start a list of what else is out there that is similar to COL. Has anyone played anything or knows of any games coming in the future that might have similar gameplay?
  2. Bump. Please provide insights on this @Ocho @RedPanda
  3. Hi @RedPanda, When will the FAQ be updated as you mentioned?
  4. I agree @God Like and I think Lets Play streams are great. The feedback I want to provide is that this was not communicated to the player base and in addition I would expect following a fairly major update with lots of changes that these changes would be a priority in demonstrating and educating the community and reserving a Lets Play stream following any minor updates or bug fixes etc. This is just my opinion but I know there are a few that share it given the things I've been hearing on discord, world chat and guild chat following the stream.
  5. Hi @RedPanda, I just finished watching the stream and I wanted to provide my own opinion on what I thought of it. I will try to keep this as constructive as possible. When I tune in to watch a stream from NetEase games I expect to be learning about new content in the game that I might have missed after reading the patch notes as I think it is your duty as the community manager to educate players who might not have a lot of time to explore the game and find out things that weren't listed in the patch notes. In the few most recent streams I've noticed there isn't a lot of showing us new content but rather us just watching you play while you respond to questions on the twitch chat. While this is fun and might be something a frequent twitch streamer would do, I think it is counterproductive to the primary purpose of the stream which would be to educate your player base and demonstrate what is new and how to complete newly released content. In addition to this I would also make the suggestion that a more complete set of patch notes be completed before posting them on the forum. There are a number of things that are now available that weren't mentioned in the patch notes for example; You can now re-roll the grade on your auxiliary star circles once it has reached a certain level. You also mentioned that the daily grind is becoming a nuisance on the stream which I agree with. Reflecting on that it seems the issue it comes down to is you have to spend a certain amount of time everyday completing certain tasks in order to keep up with other players and the server. I can see that you've already started to take steps in reducing the amount of time played everyday by having windwhisper survival stack its rewards up to 7 days. I would love to see this taken a step further whereby you could potentially save everything including normal raids, lord invasion, faction quests etc. for 7 days thus giving players more freedom to enjoy the game when it suits them each week rather than each day. I think the issue of time is a big one for both the stream NetEase Games provides through yourself and the daily activities required in that I want to be spending my time learning more about the game rather than just watching the community manager play windwhisper survival games for an hour. I don't like to be negative but I feel this constructive feedback needed to be shared to help you improve the game and the way information is delivered. Thanks for reading, looking forward to the next stream - Poyo Reavedge Village +10 UTC
  6. I’m unsure of what you mean @ShadowOfALegend are you saying that we as a community need to work this out ourselves? Given the amount of bugs, spelling and grammatical errors that are in the game I find it hard to put any faith in what we read in game so I would hope that this is not the case and that someone could actually confirm whether it’s possible. Its not like I’m asking them to confirm what the chance is just whether it can or can’t be done.
  7. I’m well aware of this however it was established quite early on that this was the case and since then there have been many updates. Not to mention the fact that hardly anyone even crafts them because we we’re led to believe they do not have a legendary chance. Now that the level cap has increased I would still love confirmation from an actual developer on whether this is possible as from memory it was never confirmed or denied by netease
  8. Hi @RedPanda Can you please advise on the chance percentage to craft a legend from a level 40 blueprint. As per the fabled rumour screenshot below it would suggest that there is a chance to forge a legendary when crafting level 40 blueprints however it is a smaller chance than level 30 blueprints. https://imageshack.us/i/poWg6Yaxj I think the wider community have a right to know now that level 30 blueprints are becoming more and more rare and level 40 blueprints being extremely common. In addition if a legend can be forged from a level 40 blueprint is it an exquisite legendary or a crafted one that is upgraded already to 208/240. Can you also please advise whether a necklace legendary can be forged as well as I can see this on the forging screen but have yet to see anyone actually forge a legendary necklace. Thanks for your assistance as always and keep up the good work. - Poyo
  9. Hi @RedPanda Can you please confirm whether or not this is a phishing email or not. I don't see any details on the website or the facebook page about it so I'm skeptical. I've taken a screenshot of the email rather than posting the web link in case it is a phishing email. https://imgur.com/a/cE3Ub
  10. @RedPanda please add this bug to the known issues list. Same bug as last time where no options appear for guild leaders in appointing/kicking guild members
  11. Hi @RedPanda I had a look in the news and announcements section and there is no thread for the livestream you've mentioned is coming this Friday. Can you please advise what time the stream is scheduled to start on Friday so I can tune in. Thanks in advance Poyo
  12. Hi @RedPanda, Can you please investigate the bug occurring with events which has been affected by the shift in server time by 1 hour due to daylight savings. All events are launching correctly but cannot be accessed by anyone. An event that yields potential legendaries such as guild battle this evening wasn't able to be accessed by anyone on our server (Reavedge Village UTC +10). In addition thank you for the compensation package I received in the mail however, as I'm sure you're already aware; None of the upgrade materials such as fire spirits, frost hearts or blood of titanus have been returned to anyone from my server. Can you please advise when this wave will be sent out as I've sent a ticket and the response was that my compensation has already been sent. I expect this is just an automated reply so something concrete from yourself would be great. In addition to the above issues my guild mate @imdabes has been experiencing a huge issue with the support team with regards to the achievements listed under events > Treasure map with respect to using light of dawns and not obtaining a legendary. @imdabes has used 55 light of dawns and has not received credit for the achievement nor has he received any of the rewards as a result of these achievements being completed. Unfortunately it seems that the only time I post on these forums is due to bugs and issues around once per fortnight. Thanks again for all your assistance and hard work @RedPanda, I look forward to hearing from you soon. Cheers, - Poyo Reveadge Village +UTC 10
  13. Hi @RedPanda Thanks for listening to us all and having the bugs affecting gem polishing and item upgrades addressed, it is greatly appreciated. In addition to the bug fix I hope to log on in the coming days to a bag full of the items I lost due to this bug but I will wait a response from the support team to whom I have sent 2 tickets so far in the past 4 days with no response. I expect they are inundated with requests so I will continue to wait patiently once again for this to be addressed. In the meantime I have noticed 2 new bugs which I am hoping you can pass on to the support team which will also hopefully reduce the number of tickets they are receiving. 1. Normal guild hunt bosses are either not respawning or the timer has been largely increased - so far this hasn't affected me as I need 5000 deathcap kills for the achievement but I expect when we attempt our Guild Hunt 10 hours from now there may not be any bosses to kill if they are no longer respawning due to a new issue. 2. In the guild members tab I no longer have any options as the guild leader to do anything at all. The menu bar appears blank when clicking on a guild members name. I hope others also use this thread to report on new bugs they have discovered or to confirm if the bugs I'm experiencing are only affecting my server. Thanks again, I look forward to the next few days and hopefully continuing to enjoy this game. Poyo (Reavedge Village UTC +10)
  14. Thanks for the response @RedPanda I’m aware these things take time and I am confident that the tech staff are doing all they can to rectify the issues experienced by these bugs. What I’m less confident in however is that all of the gear, gems, silver, stones, upgrade materials etc will be reimbursed to each and every player affected and at this point I’m looking at a loss of money from in app purchases obtained to have enough gold to purchase said upgrade materials. It is a systemic issue and not only have I lost money but I’ve also lost time if these items are not replaced. I will continue to wait patiently however I suspect this will be a make or break for the games reputation and the community will likely diminish if this is not fixed quickly and to the player base satisfaction. Cheers, - Poyo (Reavedge +10)