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  1. @DarkKush, Apologies for the language I used. When i referred to "all" players I was targeting those who I had spoken to including players on other servers who had also exploited the bug and received their gems back over a month ago to then receive more gems again a few days ago. I'm not too phased as I expect I will just throw in the towel soon as a player who doesn't take advantage of the bug exploits when they happen I am constantly disappointed and regretful when these players are over compensated. - Poyo
  2. Thanks @Ocho, I don't really want to name names I feel like that should be the job of the developer to identify these players from the logs but I can confirm that quite a number of my friends and guild members have received double compensation along with players from other guilds who are keeping it quiet but the 3k jump in their character ratings tells a different tale. Happy to speak further about this privately if you prefer. - Poyo
  3. Hi @TinyDragon & @Ocho, I hope you can provide an explanation as to why all of the players who removed their gems during the bug a month ago have just been double compensated this evening for everything they lost and were already reimbursed for weeks ago. It is becoming extremely difficult to advocate for this game when these sorts of things keep happening. Your essentially rewarding people for exploiting your game instead of disciplining them. I look forward to hearing your explanation along with what is going to be done to fix this. - Poyo Reavedge Village UTC+10
  4. Rolled 10 tickets today and got 4 diamonds but on average I've done 200 tickets this week and I got both mounts and about 1 diamond per 10 tickets maybe slightly more than that
  5. @pwnadin, I would try to look at it from a different perspective. The servers are down cause they are most likely having problems with the referral system again given this is what was listed to return with this update. If they don't get it right and bugs occur again imagine the flood of customer complaints basically delaying more time Netease could be dedicating to new and improved content. In the past they have also brought the servers back up early so I wouldn't try and hold them to a certain time frame on maintenance. Just my thoughts on the matter. - Poyo Reavedge Village UTC +10
  6. @Joseph, Thank you for providing your opinion. The condescending tone portrayed by your words make it tough to stay positive but I'll do my best while voicing my own opinion on the issue as well. You mention that Netease likely won't implement a class swap function based on the fact that they only just released the class. The fact is however that Netease did release this function already in China and we are simply asking to have the same flexibility on the English version of the game. While I recognize that that the Chinese version and the English version are likely run by different business models due to some variances between the 2 on the whole these are basically the same game. My opinion on the class swap functionality is that it should be implemented for a few reasons which I will dot point for you below along with some restrictions I feel would ensure this doesn't "Break the game" Player retention - Each time a new class is released many players will rush to get a taste of it and see how it feels and understand the skills and play style. If you've been playing the game since release like I have this is often just to increase your knowledge of the class and its abilities to assist in end game content as well as how to beat them in PvP. Unfortunately at this stage of the game for a lot of players even if you truly loved the new class it wouldn't make sense to switch now after having invested months worth of grinding and possibly in game purchases on your original character. Having the ability to switch to another class you thoroughly enjoyed would aid in retaining players and I think improve the community as a whole Class balancing - This is a hot topic at the moment and a major cause of players quitting the game and further enforces my first point of retaining players. In addition to the above point of retaining players it would stand to reason that by adding a class swap we would likely see which classes were overpowered and vise versa. The number of players switching to a specific class would increase and Netease could then assess the data over a short period of time to determine why the classes weren't balanced and develop strategies on how to fix the problem. This would result in an overall better gaming experience for everyone. Choice - Right now it feels like new players are gravitating towards the newest class due to the fact that it is impossible for them to catch up to the veteran players without a significant cash investment. Adding in the class swap functionality would improve the choice for new players as well as veterans in that it wouldn't matter which class you chose to play as the scales would be tipped towards veteran players anyway (the way it should be). Most veterans would agree that investing time and money into a game only to start being beaten by a new player is completely unfair and damages the brand as the voices of these players normally carry the most weight. Restrictions - The 2 points above would address 2 of the biggest issues within the game outside of minor and major bugs that unfortunately happen from time to time. Having said that there would need to be some serious restrictions put in place to ensure players were made to think about their decision to class swap before taking the leap. I have a few ideas mostly around the cost to switch and a cool down timer as well which I'm sure Netease have considered given the amount of feedback they have received on implementing this feature. Increase revenue - The 4th and final point which I think wraps this up nicely is something that isn't completely related to players but rather Netease as a business. The retention and attraction of players to any game these days is something that every developer struggles with as there are so many choices out there. I have found in my 10+ years of playing MMO's that retaining players comes down to 3 things within a developers control and these are game play, content and community. If you have a great game (which I believe this is) great content and a supportive community the game should thrive just based on the sheer fact that it is enjoyable. In the same way if even one of these is neglected you will begin to see a slow decline in the game and the community until eventually the developer decides to remove most of the resources and place them elsewhere (often on a new project). I think Netease has provided a great feature in the refer a friend rewards for both veteran players and new players however right now it is difficult to convince your friends to invest their time and money into this game due to the negative feedback the community has provided on these forums on game play issues namely class balancing. Again I want to thank you for providing your opinion on this issue @Joseph but I hope you take the above points on board and re-evaluate your previous comment. Happy adventuring, bruh - Poyo Reavedge Village UTC +10 Edit: Tagging @Ocho and @TinyDragon to ensure they read this post
  7. Hey guys, Something I've noticed in this guide is the L Shepherd set is not listed. I'm not sure what everyone's opinions on the set are but I've found it quite useful in the end game raids where you need to immediately top people up and can't stop to cast a purifying blast. I also see a lot of resets with an 18.75% chance of mystic galaxy or light sigil resetting this skill for another instant aoe heal. Extremely useful in the intense fights especially if you have few mystics in your team. An example where this is useful for me is on Samofir. As we only have 2-3 mystics including myself i prefer to let the dps mystics go all out on the boss rather than having them sleep an add. In this scenario I need to sleep the add and then void walk back to the boss who has just exploded the first add and get everybody topped off before the next add hits. While I'm running over I use Consolation which does about 8k heals on each person it hits. Follow that up with a purifying blast followed by sigil before the next add hits and it should then be time to Consolation and Aurora to run away for the eruption before you need your next purifying blast. I haven't found any other sets that fit well to be honest so I'm currently running the following build 2 Piece Virtue 2 Piece Noct 2 Piece Flock 3 Piece Arcane Crystal 4 Piece L Shepherd I've built my character a certain way which matches my play style and I can adapt to most of the boss fights so far as our only healer but I've found that the auto heal is only really something I use on the tank as no one else takes random damage unless it is the whole team which requires a purifying blast to top everyone up. Alternatively if I proc virtue I will use Consolation and mystic galaxy to hit 3 targets and then gauge whether or not a Purifying blast is even necessary but at the end of the day I think it comes down to your own individual style and what works for you. There doesn't seem to be a best in slot style for us like there is for other classes who need certain sets to boost their dps. I've also maxed my flourish circle first (currently at 102.5% illuminating my T4 swiftness star). I've done it this way because I noticed that a lot of my healing spells over heal the targets so spell damage/spell crit didn't seem as viable as being able to withstand red circles you can't dodge cause you got stuck casting a purifying blast. It also helps not having to worry about yourself when trying to keep everyone else alive and with my current set up I rarely die with 29k hp, 60% spell resist, 2300 physical defense and 2500 spell defense, 22% dodge and 41% parry. This combined with 1700 - 1800 spell damage and 32% crit has brought me to the conclusion that while my healing output might be lower by 2% and my healing crits are 10% less with no 3 Piece Grace. The additional healing from Consolation has saved the team on more occasions than i can count along with improving my ability to survive. Note: I don't have a frost bracelet otherwise I would likely run 3 piece Virtue Also Note: 2 piece blood thirst on pendant and ring is also a nice buff Keen to hear the feedback from you guys on what works for you and what you think of my build and play style. If you want to see it live in action I stream from time to time as well at twitch.tv/birksy87 - Poyo Reavedge Village UTC +10
  8. I support the removal of the bosses henchmen. They are pointless in Mystica however I understand the need for them in raids due to the speed clear competitions between guilds. Great idea @whitERaven! - Poyo
  9. Love your work @TinyDragon, thanks for replying. Have a great day - Poyo
  10. Awesome thanks @TinyDragon! A quick follow up question. Is this new style of lucky draw here to stay or will it be reverting back to the old style lucky draw on Monday? Hopefully the rewards are as good or better on the next draw!
  11. Hi All, I for one am loving this new lucky draw it is bloody fantastic! I do have a question on when it ends however as I'm sure many others do as well. I have noticed that it says the event starts on the 26th of March when you click on it in game so that's obviously incorrect. In addition I noticed the patch notes reveal the special ticket packs will only be available until this same date but it doesn't say anything about the lucky draw. Is this something we can get @TinyDragon to disclose? Thanks everyone, happy adventuring - Poyo Reavedge Village UTC +10 twitch.tv/birksy87
  12. @Almuranazz Grats man. I got to 58 and got a snowfall sash....
  13. @Ways, It's confirmed I have checked myself and thankfully it is the equivalent honor for medals at a 1:1 ratio. If you're having trouble finding it just fly to the ancient ruins in Cloudburst Forest and head slightly up the hill to the old shadow crystal vendor to exchange your old world honor for aldorr medals. Thanks @Esrun for the information - Poyo
  14. Hi everyone, The steam client is now able to download Crusaders of Light! Happy adventuring - Poyo
  15. @Uppers, While I agree with some of what you're saying you are incorrect on the steam and new server release. I would expect that someone this eager to get involved in the new server would have read all the associated information pertaining to this release. It has never had a set time for release only a date and that date was always the day after the new update. I hope more people read this and understand that they have misread and or misinterpreted the communication from Netease who have always stipulated that the update and the new server/steam release were 2 completely different things to be completed at different times. Unfortunately your ignorance has also turned you into a name caller and now you look foolish along with hundreds of other players who expected something that was never ever coming at the time expected. - Poyo