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  1. Thanks for replying guys. Yeah I noticed that only at the 2nd chain things behave "as expected". Is there a difference if I start attacking the boss with a normal attack to start the battle and right after that do the 1st chain? Will that be better or should it be really 2nd chain? PS - Haven't tried these myself, just asking ahead.
  2. Since update announcement of level 55, I can confirm this: Crocodile + Armored Crocodile Area is 50 leathers, 4 cotton max per day Desolationist + Goblint Area is 50 Cloth, 4 silk max per day
  3. Hello. Our regular team just started going through skyblaze normal. Our sky1-3 are fast and smooth. However on boss 4 we are practicing the phase 1 of it. One thing we find strange is that our tank would always lose the aggro and attack our non-tank guys. The tank starts with chains and tries to kite around in a circle but it seems after the first chain it loses the focus on the tank and happens on occasion. Can someone explain how this happens and what fix should we do to have our tank maintain aggro? Note, our other team members don't have chains or other skill activated to steal the aggro. I appreciate the input.
  4. Try making more friends. You are asking too much. Having an alt around to play simultaneously is mocking the game's system to begin with, trying to outsmart the game. You can freely do it and people wont judge you nowadays but asking for something this much is too much imho.
  5. I actually liked how it works now. I prefer auto to use 5skill bar because imagine a 10skill bar on auto - thay would surely trigger about everything on that bar constantly spending MP unneededly.
  6. I have a Legendary Banshi Shield and an epic Banshi Shield bought using courage medals. Both doesn't count in the "Get this look in your bag" for some odd reason. It's frustrating! I had to get an ordinary Banshi Shield drop to unlock it! Why is this??? Do I need to do the same for Kryoheart Shield, which I have the divine version?
  7. Has anyone figure out how much the drop cap per day of these transmog items?
  8. I'm serious! Not naked, naked. But the look we get when we unequip our gear. I want some part say helmet or chest to appear unequip but in reality, we are still equipped with our usual gear. A fair thing to request right?
  9. Hello, I'm with a small guild in our server and us regulars (play everyday almost every hour) would be able to give 3000 guild contributions on average. However we have a few members in our guild who consistently delivers 6000+ contributions weekly. We asked this person and he just does his Guild Quests and Guild Bon Fire and Guild Goblints like the rest of us. How come he is able to give that amount and the rest of us don't?
  10. Thank you. This is very informative. I want to ask what particular set bonus or equipment actually adds up Piercing? I've never seen one.
  11. Windows Start Button -> type "col", col.exe should appear on the list and click that. However, my friend says it launched for him but crashed after "Starting..." message screen phase. But you can try and verify.
  12. Try bypassing FB gameroom by running col.exe.
  13. Hi. I'm Lv50 Tank first, then Lv31 Fang second. If I am not wrong, I think Fang is a secondary Path to most warriors. I mean if you look for them during PVE then you will see exec or tank. Try going to PVP and then inspect fang warriors. I'm just doing a 2nd retry of Fang and I'm just going for experience. I initially chose fang but I just reset because it didn't suit my needs back then (surviving and progressing PVE). But basically, go for skills or runes for tempest rage, deadly forge, and deadly gaze. Magma spikes vs Meteor crater is entirely up to you or your intended Legend/Divine gear. E.g. Divine equips in Faction Store favors Exec/Fang, while Divine equips in Yearnstar City favors Tanks/Fang. I'm not a fan of Meteor Crater but the Deadly Forge enhancing abilities of the former Divine equip, is I think what would work very well in PVP if you're after killing than support (pulling/AOE).
  14. Is there a right sequence for REFINE and UPGRADE? Since upgrade is percentage from the stats. Mathematically, I should REFINE first to raise the stats then do UPGRADE to apply percentage increase. But, programmatically, if this system implements the percentage bonus separately, the sequence wouldn't matter. Post-upgrade REFINE should scale the previous UPGRADE if it is the latter case. So, can anyone confirm to me if UPGRADE scales when REFINED?
  15. Path Level is much more important in this game than the character level. Sometimes I wish they would just swap these numbers to make the Path Level more prominent as it is more useful to assess the character's strength or usefulness.