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  1. The only good event this year is if scammernetease sell the game to a real company with a serious plan. Ocho and redpanda are 2 dummyuseless idiots who just talk nonsense,when the questions are not too hard, or they don t answer at all. I suggest everyone who spent only 1 cent to support eternal arena to ask for refund into googleplay settings. The truth is that netease don t care a fu*k about players, they haven t made only one move without make mistakes and ruin the game more and more over any limit of a normal intelligence. You care only about money, i play from 1year and 3 months and i ve NEVER seen only 1 bug fixed, not only 1 smart move to improve gameplay, only **** for keep ask money. You have totally killed the game, there were thousands player, now players are less than 500 and you still come here to tell us bull**** like if no1 realized what you have done? You are a group of donkeys, only scams from you, your job should be in a farm to feed chickens, that s what you re born for.
  2. And be careful, don t come here to give your usual stupid useless answers, then someone may think u care something...
  3. You also said 1month ago that less used useless old heroes would have been buffed to put a minimum of balance with strong heroes, this project is not important right? Only release new bugged heroes matters yes? Only introduce artifact and jewels is important ok? Only new ways to spend money, never only 1 bug fixed.... congrats... please, sell the code to real devs...
  4. Trials closed at lev70,tournament closed at lev72,story mode closed at lev 73, all finished months ago.PVP is ruled by bugged heroes tht YOU NEVER FIXED, bloody bttle is so stupid developed that only level matters,monsterhunt is only for the same players,ALWAYS,same player -81 same player 81+ so mythic gems are reserved only to those 2 players, i try to keep low level waiting that first rank player switch to 81+, in the while it s all crap, only boring stupid tasks that give zero. Bane was the only thing that had the worth to keep play this boring daily crap. Really intentioned to quit this crap.
  5. You simply don t understand, you don t care, you don t listen. Since i started i ve not seen only 1bug fixed,only new bugs released, and now you would let pass the idea that you want miss bane on july cuz you want to fix new 4stars hero? It will be bugged even if you ll released it for Christmas. Something funny you call this crap, funny for you, sure, if you knew how to make funny the gameplay you had sold the code of the game to someonelse.
  6. Merge servers and keep bane on july. You don t care nothing about fix heroes bugs,and omaeus has been available in ALL the iwantyou events. Bane is the only hero that can make the difference.
  7. Thanx a lot, you cannot give new useless hero so who was waiting for bane must wait 1more month,congrats, you always keep to care less than zero about what players need. Fix old bugs before release new bugged heroes. People need bane, because is the only way to hope for get something on monsterhunt, since there is no way to fight ginst lucky players who find right items t first tentative, they start to be 1st place,they start enhance items and then they become unreachabe,and since there isn t another hero like bane cuz heroes are really not balanced at all, players started to craft items, started to change team,now they will be forced to stay 1 more month with bad team and mixed bad items only because you are unfair. Keep bane in july and release new hero on august, keep what you promise for once in your life.
  8. only hope there will not be the need to spend a crazy absurd amount of diamonds to get those heroes, or as usual only pay2win players will have advantage...