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  1. @Ocho@Ocho may u be so kind to come here and tell us something?
  2. @Ocho do you think your behavior is normal? (+netease behavior)
  3. @ocho do you think we will have an answer soon or later?
  4. Definitely i m not lucky... all the times i save 50gems and i hope to enhance 2 items but.... Maybe with next items luck will be more balanced...
  5. Btw 25 mythic gems to enhance 1 item to 5 stars it s a dream for me... i need 40gems for each item...actually i hve 7 mythic items 5 stars, 6 of them enhanced to 5 stars exclusively by ingots... lol this game really sucks...
  6. @Ocho do u agree at least that this attitude from netease is shameless?
  7. Oh bro, i definitely agree, i ve waited almost 2years starving at level 75 for farm mh80, now it s my moment since 2months and i will not let anyone else get 1st place untill i ll pass to lev81, but however i think it s unfair for the other players... rebuild 1leaderboard each 3/4 servers may be a solution...
  8. I guess he meant mythic gems, not jewels)
  9. @ocho ?? You talked to the team?
  10. Ocho said not early june, maybe after 20june
  11. @Ocho please, still any news about the date of "upcoming event" on june?
  12. On eu servers players don t even try to compete for mh...since merge only the same players get mythic gems...only on mh80 the first hve changed but it s the same as before.
  13. Asked hundreds times... merge killed the game more than anything else, they ve reduced rewards to 1%, before merge we had all rewards for each server now same rewards but for all servers merged, does it make sense??? Competition has been killed, probably they had the need to pass bandwidth to col... the thing had a sense if 3 or 4 servers were merged in one based on server age... netease never cared about this mistake...
  14. I don t even dare to ask to fix ping or similar "impossible " things... but gearup...cmon...
  15. Well... it should be the least by the way. Not heavy things like rewrite the game like jewels or artifacts(which have not been included good into the whole game), or to fit servers merge like redistribute rewards or finally see level100 or pvp 5vs5... we re talking about gearup, the simpler thing you shoud do to show you care a little bit... but as said we have got it very clear how much netease care about supporters.
  16. I hope the june event will not become the jule event and so on since someone told us that it should have been happened on may first. Please are we still sure about upcoming event? It will really happen ?
  17. @Ocho please... don t troll us too much... we know perfectly that netease don t care a damn about supporters, even less about their feedbacks... please give us events and it will be ok.
  18. Please any idea about when? Early june? Late june? Iwantyou event with Agony? Thanx
  19. Thanx... It seems you recycle events from 2017.... btw the most important thing is that it gonna happen... some players have saved almost 100k diamonds waiting for events...
  20. Please any news about the hero of the event? Or any generic news about the event... Are we really sure it will happen for real? Thanx...
  21. Please can anyone tell me whether there s a power improvement or not upgrading artifacts from 15epic to 20epic? Thanx
  22. Thanx... btw a little gearup would have been appreciated in these months without any event... Really hope it ll happen for real...
  23. Well... i d really hope this will not be the single case, and since you re all working on events cadence we d love to have news a lil bit more usually...u know, here players are askin themselves if the last event has been the VERY LAST... Waiting for your reply later today...thanx. Sorry, but ppl feel mocked when get zero news zero answers and zero events...
  24. Can t do nothin(he s not a netease employer) doesn t mean no answers.