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  1. Ocho can t clean it anymore.... But i see on ne new games playstore comments they answer in 1 day...
  2. Thanx... great...
  3. @ocho it s 3 weeks since your last login on the other forum while you keep posting on this one, don t you think you re behaving like a clown? Please get back to the topic that you have started on ea forum and give some answer.
  4. @Ocho i also could think that it s not your fault, but you re behaving like a clown, you started this topic, come here and tell us if it s all over.
  5. No. And probably @ocho feels too much shame to come here and tell us what we already know.... and it was himself who started this topic "upcoming event"...
  6. Usually if delete data app then it works again
  7. @Ocho@Ocho may u be so kind to come here and tell us something?
  8. @Ocho do you think your behavior is normal? (+netease behavior)
  9. @ocho do you think we will have an answer soon or later?
  10. Definitely i m not lucky... all the times i save 50gems and i hope to enhance 2 items but.... Maybe with next items luck will be more balanced...
  11. Btw 25 mythic gems to enhance 1 item to 5 stars it s a dream for me... i need 40gems for each item...actually i hve 7 mythic items 5 stars, 6 of them enhanced to 5 stars exclusively by ingots... lol this game really sucks...
  12. @Ocho do u agree at least that this attitude from netease is shameless?
  13. Oh bro, i definitely agree, i ve waited almost 2years starving at level 75 for farm mh80, now it s my moment since 2months and i will not let anyone else get 1st place untill i ll pass to lev81, but however i think it s unfair for the other players... rebuild 1leaderboard each 3/4 servers may be a solution...