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  1. Please any idea about when? Early june? Late june? Iwantyou event with Agony? Thanx
  2. Thanx... It seems you recycle events from 2017.... btw the most important thing is that it gonna happen... some players have saved almost 100k diamonds waiting for events...
  3. Please any news about the hero of the event? Or any generic news about the event... Are we really sure it will happen for real? Thanx...
  4. Please can anyone tell me whether there s a power improvement or not upgrading artifacts from 15epic to 20epic? Thanx
  5. Thanx... btw a little gearup would have been appreciated in these months without any event... Really hope it ll happen for real...
  6. Well... i d really hope this will not be the single case, and since you re all working on events cadence we d love to have news a lil bit more usually...u know, here players are askin themselves if the last event has been the VERY LAST... Waiting for your reply later today...thanx. Sorry, but ppl feel mocked when get zero news zero answers and zero events...
  7. Can t do nothin(he s not a netease employer) doesn t mean no answers.
  8. Come on....
  9. I mean... you take few hours to reply about such request (important as well.don t misunderstand me) and you take forever to reply to all players who are askin since months for monthly events new heroes and gear ups, or in the most of cases you don t even answer?? Wow....this is great... and....the most annoying spamming bot is yours on fb.
  10. Probably we ll have same event as last year, kagemasa if i remember right.... And this is good:) It d be very nice if events d come monthly rather than once on 3 months maybe....
  11. Goshu u recall me a guy called ugandacul... or something similar.... want be right at any cost.... well.... keep it, useless ocho and useless redpanda will listen.... they say thanx to new players like you... and surprise; if netease wasn t a scammer company this forum would be very active, but it doesnt work this way.... first game, after players. No game no players. Not any group of active players will bring a dead game back if dev is a bug. And No, there isn t a lot of people still playing this game(thanx to netease missing). You probably don t have a far idea about how many people were online at the same time 3years ago.
  12. About staminkia
  13. Lol you think anyone at netease care a plume about your intent to prove that you re active and do rescue everyday? Long story short: if dev can keep his primises, fix bugs, fix rules, make monthly events then it s all great, but if dev don t care anymore about the game, don t fix any bug NEVER, don t fix any rule since all gameplay is premerge based, don t make any monthly event, then the game is call DEAD andthey should shut it down or atleast they should place a warning on playstore for all new players so they will not spend any money on it, or keep things unchanged is called scam mocking and trolling. Western netease always do the same, release game for feed 2 or 3 years and after the game is completely left. The death of eternal arena has been crusader of light, while the chinese version of eternal arena is superpowerful, i don t get why we can t have it... Of course i d prefer to keep play as i do with events and new things but since the bigger part of those who still play have finished everything in the game, lev90,story mode trials and so on, the only think that can be intresting are events. No events no future so better life if servers shut down.
  14. 3 months have passed since ocho came out with "i m coming from a meeting in netease and we discussed about eternal arena, new new events are coming"... We had 1 gearup since that. Why you don t shut down servers if you don t have any will to follow this game? Why you still accept payments from new players when you know that nobody will work for improve their gameplay? You don t really feel any shame? You will come again to tell us to wait few months more for a "new" rurik event? You ve killed this game better than any hacker could do....