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  1. Dear RULES OF SURVIVAL/NETEASE. Rules of Survival #JusticeForNegativeDiamondsROS THIS ISSUE IS ABOUT OUR DIAMONDS THAT HAS TURNED TO NEGATIVE BECAUSE OF THIS MERCENARY MODE. I HAD 2800 REMAINING DIAMONDS BEFORE I SAW THIS. First of all, I am one of the victims of this matter. I NEVER BOUGHT CHEAP DIAMONDS FROM ANYONE. I never used refund tricks or any of those cheats. We didn’t expect to get this, some of us are innocent. I don’t have any idea that this mercenary mode diamonds is illegal. I just received these diamonds from some of my supporters. In return, I gave it back to all my supporters and ros supporters/players as we made a raffle event. I humbly ask for your forgiveness as we are one of the victims of this issue. Don’t do this to us. Don’t ban our accounts and please, instead of making our diamonds negative, just please make it zero. I AM A LEGITIMATE STREAMER OF RULES OF SURVIVAL SINCE SEASON 1 IN THE PHILIPPINES and I have influenced so many players to play this game. I HAVE ALMOST 3 MILLION VIEWS AND COUNTING. MAKE THIS AS A LAST WARNING TO ALL OF US AND WE WILL NEVER MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AGAIN. IF WON'T ADDRESS OUR GRIEVANCES AND DECIDE TO PUT THIS AWAY, THEN WE DON’T HAVE A CHOICE BUT TO PLAY OTHER GAMES LIKE PUBG MOBILE. WE NEVER LEAVE THIS GAME EVEN THOUGH THERE ARE SO MANY CHEATERS. DO NOT MAKE US SEE THIS GAME AS YOUR MONEY COLLECTING APP. WE SUPPORTED YOU. PAY US BACK BY FORGIVING US. BAN THE CHEATER NOT THE LOYAL SUPORTERS AND VICTIMS OF THIS EVENT. I WILL NEVER PAY FOR SOMETHING LIKE THIS BECAUSE I NEVER DID THIS. AGAIN, I AM ONE OF THE VICTIMS AND A LOYAL PLAYER SUPPORTER OF RULES OF SURVIVAL HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES. PLAYERS IN THE PHILIPPINES ARE UNITED AS ONE. THIS WILL BE A BIG FAIL OF WE UNITE TO NOT PLAY THIS GAME ANYMORE. thank you! ♠ˢᵖᵃᵈᵉGanda ID # : 102438074