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  1. You got a legendary gear if I was you I'd be happy cos the one you got was among the good lot, usually its just 1-2 leaves or 25k gold
  2. 'invisible' guy - This guy affects me during weekend partys and also ore collection.
  3. its a good question and I've been wondering about it too so yea any official answer to it would be helpful
  4. This is true, I just was checking out this game and when I realized that I was 35 of 45 lv it gave me a reason to play more
  5. Which set is recommended for a DPS warrior? (besides the legendary as I guess that would take quit some time)
  6. So does this mean that a 218 grade epic will have the same stats as legendary 218 grade? Overlooking that fact that legendarily can be upgraded will epic be just as good?
  7. Hi Crusaders ! I've started a warrior recently like a week ago and I quickly learned that I must craft 2 blueprints everyday to get a legendary weapon as they are the best in game// Now what I dont understand is what sets the legendary gears above the normal epics, does it have higher base stats and if so how much? What does grade mean as I see that epic gears have upto 218 and legendary have only 160? Whats the difference between devine and legendary gear? Thanks