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  1. Looks like @netease123 is a new replacement for @Ocho
  2. @Ocho @TinyDragon Can You please add information about drop rate for: - Bright Glyph Chest - Bronze Glyph Chest - Silver Glyph Chest - Golden Glyph Chest and - Novice Beginning Box Thanks.
  3. Sorry, it's auto detection mechanism inside game... Unfortunately, it's not always works correctly... I got ban for 1 hour too...
  4. It's not really case... for Crystals You can go to 2+ page... I don't think it's a good idea -> it would be easy to sell from ALTs to Main character... IMHO, right now is good balance between "Twink-owners" and solo players...
  5. Fixed for about 2 hours... Yep, only iOS version was effected.
  6. @netease123 Thanks for providing Patch notes You forgot to write - "Information about drop share for Raids is defined in Info description (via green i button).
  7. The same "bag" was for me... funny, but support asked to provide S/N.... at time when You are not able to login inside the game
  8. @Ocho Wake UP Neo... Ocho...
  9. @Ocho @TinyDragon Please provide Patch Note description ASAP!! Game is already ON... but nothing about changes!!!
  10. @Zentax it's a bad news for us... Do You know who is responsible now at NetEase? Do we have replacement for @Ocho ?
  11. @Crashing player I'm not sure if it's dead page... Last update is done by @TinyDragon on June 5. It means a new community manager got it... May be She need more time to get such information. Lets hope on it....
  12. Why not? It must be published to all based on law. Important is DROP rate, because You can buy them via Item Mall -> Weekly special -> Diamond Gem Bundle. the same story for Platinum Gem Bundle & Gold Gem Bundle.
  13. OooOooOo. main character + 8 "clones". Based on current logic You can get it twice a day ... (153 + 153) medals / 5 for 1 million silver = 61 million silver... but you can buy maximum 40 fraction items... maximum silver value is 40 millions per day. IMHO, Mega EXPLOIT!
  14. Hi gurus, Can someone tell what is damage difference between Light Sigil level 2 and 3? Thanks
  15. Strange description... Usually in the game each person has UUID (Unique User ID)... all quests/rewards comes to one UUID. Of cause, You can have 5 players with the same name on ONE CROSS server - (like PvP zone). Just create 5 players on different servers and go to PvP location at the same time... but completely different story with rewards - each player from each server will receive his/her 17 medals... Sorry, Do not see a problem here...
  16. just do all PvP events and tasks. buy star mirrors for 50k... do mystica to get 1 star for 15 mystica rewards.
  17. 1st bug is also in Arena fight... BTW, all present after Xth server update/patch...
  18. Strange, it works fine.... on iOS update was about 2.65 Mb...
  19. @TinyDragon I can confirm this bug. Issue here, one fraction can kill Tram Cart... after kill, the Cart disappears for 2-10 seconds… and appears again in “bugged” mode (it’s not possible to kill it… HP is always full). It moves to end and disappears at last spot.
  20. Delete it. Install again. Configure all setting again at least works
  21. I can confirm - after re-install on iOS -> game works correctly.
  22. Gameroom (aka Facebook) works fine... without re-installing...
  23. @TinyDragon Update does not work on iOS... Facebook (gameroom) works fine.
  24. @Esrun Lets calculate damage with and without BT. In case, your dps is 90k and your crit is 60%. As we know, crit gives 50% more damage (for some classes it's +70%). BH gives +10% crit damage. Step1. Calculating base attack. x*0.4 + x* 1.5 * 0.6 = 90k due fact 40% normal attack, 60% crit with +50% damage... overall 90k. 1.3* x = 90k x = 69.23k Now with BT. 69.23*0.38 + 69.23*1.6*0.62 = 26,3074 + 68,67616 = 94,98356k, because BH gives +2 crit rate (up to 62% in our case)... 38% normal attack and 62% crit attack... and +10% crit damage -> for 1.6 Damage with BT is 94,98356. Lets calculate when your crit rate is 40%. x*0.6 + x* 1.5 * 0.4 = 90k x = 75k with BT: 75*0.58 + 75 * 1.6. * 0.42 = 93.9k as You see, damage from BT depends on your crit rate... 60% crit rate will increase your dps with BH for ~ 6%... with 40% -> only +~4%.