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  1. nice,... now spam inside posts ;(
  2. Hi support team/manager/someone... Can You get permissions to be able clean forum? 10+ pages with spam... everyday...
  3. Relax... queue was 850+ ppl... inside only 200 nice event Also, players with another fraction as their Guild - is not able to participate in Battle for Milura!
  4. it was already reported couple of times... so far, without any effect...
  5. Dear developers/support team, Why we got reduction of maximum possible altruism per day? from 1500 to 1000. Without any notification... nothing in Patch Notes... Can You please return it back? we need to be able farm 1500 alt medals per day. Best Regards, All players
  6. @Ocho, @netease123 Can You please clean forum from SPAM??? 7 pages topics with spam. or at least provide permissions to 2-3 active guys to clean up forum.... Thanks.
  7. Looks like @netease123 is a new replacement for @Ocho
  8. Sorry, it's auto detection mechanism inside game... Unfortunately, it's not always works correctly... I got ban for 1 hour too...
  9. Fixed for about 2 hours... Yep, only iOS version was effected.
  10. @netease123 Thanks for providing Patch notes You forgot to write - "Information about drop share for Raids is defined in Info description (via green i button).
  11. The same "bag" was for me... funny, but support asked to provide S/N.... at time when You are not able to login inside the game
  12. @Ocho Wake UP Neo... Ocho...