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  1. 1st bug is also in Arena fight... BTW, all present after Xth server update/patch...
  2. Strange, it works fine.... on iOS update was about 2.65 Mb...
  3. @TinyDragon I can confirm this bug. Issue here, one fraction can kill Tram Cart... after kill, the Cart disappears for 2-10 seconds… and appears again in “bugged” mode (it’s not possible to kill it… HP is always full). It moves to end and disappears at last spot.
  4. Delete it. Install again. Configure all setting again at least works
  5. I can confirm - after re-install on iOS -> game works correctly.
  6. Gameroom (aka Facebook) works fine... without re-installing...
  7. @TinyDragon Update does not work on iOS... Facebook (gameroom) works fine.
  8. @Esrun Lets calculate damage with and without BT. In case, your dps is 90k and your crit is 60%. As we know, crit gives 50% more damage (for some classes it's +70%). BH gives +10% crit damage. Step1. Calculating base attack. x*0.4 + x* 1.5 * 0.6 = 90k due fact 40% normal attack, 60% crit with +50% damage... overall 90k. 1.3* x = 90k x = 69.23k Now with BT. 69.23*0.38 + 69.23*1.6*0.62 = 26,3074 + 68,67616 = 94,98356k, because BH gives +2 crit rate (up to 62% in our case)... 38% normal attack and 62% crit attack... and +10% crit damage -> for 1.6 Damage with BT is 94,98356. Lets calculate when your crit rate is 40%. x*0.6 + x* 1.5 * 0.4 = 90k x = 75k with BT: 75*0.58 + 75 * 1.6. * 0.42 = 93.9k as You see, damage from BT depends on your crit rate... 60% crit rate will increase your dps with BH for ~ 6%... with 40% -> only +~4%.
  9. IMHO, Blood Thrist was a good option up to D4... Any D5+ sets are better then D0-Blood thrist. Also, save money and time to get D0-Blood Thrist on Ring/Pendant... 70th adv ring give You more stats and dps... comparing to 40th/50th with D0 blood thrist... Plus, it's better to invest gold into Star Circle's instant of "trying to get" 70th with blood thrist...
  10. Hi @0rih4z4rd, It's many reasons to sell crystals for minimum price (50-200 gold). To say thanks to someone... to sell from Alts to Main character... and more... Main point -> all players can buy it...even You have a chance to buy it quick... it's main role for live auction Best Regards, Fire
  11. I did not get alt medals for "Scar Plains : 0/500"... tried with normal or hero... nothing... with low level players in team... bug? or feature?
  12. @Ocho I can conirm bug with 5x5 in Coliseum -> Glorious Championship
  13. Nice video about new class -
  14. Hi @Ocho, The issue can be related to restriction from banks. Due "double" charging for the same amount of money (if people buys 2 times Gold Goblin). Plus, two time the same reason for transaction. You can try to change payment reason 2nd time... or do one cent less for 2nd one. Best Regards, Fire
  15. Solution: Switch off all gear. Click on upgrade -> now You see tip: You need to have ANY skill at 65th level. As result, one of your skill should be 65+ to be able upgrade skill via Runes to 52+.