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  1. Will have to try that. Have not yet reached Missile and thunderstorm yet. Good information though!
  2. I think L-Dawn is good. When my reigning sword(no tamer) crits it hits for about 50k and deals about 90k crit with judicator. Since reigning sword hits about 3 times it deals an additional 120k(3(90k-50k)) damage assuming all crits. The highest ive hit with a firebomb set is roughly 65k with crits. If you calculate the damage without crit, its value would still be the same ratio. Not sure if tier set damage increases with your stats but judicator will buff your reigning sword even more as you get stronger and put points into reigning sword.
  3. This is my DPS guide for the Paladin of Dawn. Keep in mind this is how I play my paladin and it may or may not be the best or most effective way of playing. Abilities The abilities listed here are ranked from Tier 1 to Tier 3 in my opinion. 1: Reigning Sword, Torah Sword, Shield of Order, Glory of the Paladin 2: Divine guidance, Covenant sword, Jugdment, Light Perfusion, Well of Light 3: Durance of Truth, Rampart of Guardians, Protected Physique Reigning Sword: Super high damage, your strongest ability. Torah Sword: Decent damage, great buffer ability Shield of Order: Strong damage ability, use after Torah Sword. Glory of the Paladin: Great survivability and damage buffer for auto attacks. Always use this ability when available. Divine Guidance: Good healing ability for team heals, horrible damage. Never use as a damage ability, only use it to heal. You can use this as damage mitigation when buffed by torah sword for things such as dread blast from Lords and other abilities you can’t survive. Covenant Sword: Strong damage but reduces mobility, use only when you are not going to get hit by boss AoE. Jugdment: Great healing ability, low damage, never use for damage. Only use it to heal yourself or a teammate. Light Perfusion: Good for boss burn phases or quick burst at the start. Durance of Truth: Only use for bosses that really require mobility like Kothas Foundry boss 1(replace with covenant sword in that case). Rampart: Never use for PVE, low damage, no silence on boss. Waste of mana Protected Physique: Never use for PVE, long CD, low heal Well of Light: Decent damage. Personally think it’s a ****ty ability for the class spec. Auto attack: Always have Glory of the paladin active before you auto attack. The paladin does four auto attacks in succession. To give a rough idea of how the auto attack works, lets assume that your total auto attack damage after all four hits is 200 damage. Your first auto attack will do 33 damage, second will do 33 damage, third will do 33 damage and fourth hit will do 100 damage. Glory of the paladin based on its level will increase that amount done by a percentage. Mine, which currently buffs it approximately by 50% will increase the total damage to 300 but it is the last hit that will value the most from it since it has the highest damage value. Always ensure that you finish your last hit before you start casting your next ability. Runes I will rank the rune tree from a Tier of 1 to 4. 4 3 3 2 3 3 2 4 4 4 1 3 4 1 1 3 2 3 3 4 4 3 3 3 3 1 4 4 3 3 I will only be explaining the Tiers for 1 and 2. Red 1 – Reduced cooldown means more uses of your strongest ability. 1.5 seconds at rank 60. Red 2 – The less you cast Glory, the more time you have to auto attack. Yellow 1 – Increasing your strongest ability’s damage Yellow 2 – Reduce cooldown allows you to use your torah sword buffer more often. More utility Blue 1 – Auto attack for more value from glory of course. Blue 2 – Increases damage of shield throw. Purple 1 – Increases cooldown reduction Keep in mind that you will eventually max out all of these but in the meantime focus more on the ones listed 1 and 2. Rotation The abilities on your skill bar should be Auto attack, Torah Sword, Reigning Sword, Shield of Order, Divine Guidance, Judgment, Covenant sword, Glory of the Paladin, Light perfusion, Well of Light. Rotation – To maximize your DPS you need a good rotation. Randomly spamming your abilities won’t get you up there. My typical DPS rotation goes as follows below. Well of Light - Torah sword – Reigning Sword – Shield of Order – Covenant sword(Only when possible) – Auto attack Things to keep in mind when you are doing your rotation When you use your auto attack always make sure you finish that fourth hit before you cast a spell. This is the key to maximize your dps. Note that the paladin’s last hit animation shows him doing a spin attack. Just watch for the spin attack. Judicator buff – Always use it for reigning sword. The only time you use it for covenant sword is when you are certain that reigning sword’s cooldown will not be ready before judicator expires. I will kill you if you waste it on judgment. Judgment and Divine Guidance should be used only as healing abilities and survivability as all the other abilities are bad and doesn’t offer much damage. Judgment’s damage is horrible. Allows have Glory of the paladin active. Use it whenever it is available. The cooldown on it tells you that it is active. When the cooldown finishes that means that your Glory of the paladin is no longer active. When your tank engages the boss, start with Well of Light into Glory of the paladins then go into your rotation. Covenant sword is a dangerous ability to use as it immobilizes you. Only use it when you are certain that the boss will not use an ability that will kill you or when the boss is running all over the place. Otherwise just use your auto attacks. Often times I don't even use this ability. Gear and set bonuses For your legendary gear focus on upgrading your reigning sword level. Attack power, Strength > Crit > Accuracy > Hit rating. Crit should be top priority but make sure that your accuracy and hit rating is not too low either. Set bonuses that you need are L-Paladin of Dawn: You only really need this up to the three piece set. This allows your auto attacks to trigger the judicator buff. The cooldown for this effect is separate from the cooldown on the judicator that you obtain from a crit. If one or the other triggers while judicator is active then it will reset the timer judicator. The fourth set piece is mediocre and not really needed. Feel free to get it if you have an empty set slot. Bloodthirst: More Crit and Crit damage. All of the other DPS sets are good based on where you currently are at in Raid. Pick up what you can but ensure the two above are active. Path Upgrade all the abilities on the tree as all increases your damage. Even cleansing light works on bosses when they are immune to slows. Go ahead and test it out and let me know if it improves your damage. It will take some time to get used to the rotation but give it a shot. If you have any questions feel free to drop them below and let me know if there is anything I miss or could change. IhaveApen – Thundercall Server.