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  1. I do not work for Netease nor do I know the about of their detection program. I made generalized guess. Main point of it was to possibly give them information to help tweak their program since its clear that at least the 2 largest problems across the global servers are easily working their way around it.
  2. Bg,@Ocho @TinyDragon Let me give some information to maybe improve the system to catch players. MY My guess is besides a program section system you probally have it do it is catching players going over a certain set threshold and or/a certian threshold for and X duration. If I'm wrong the following information still could be usefull. Based off of observations and overhearing a conversation in discord. A user prior to this new detection system would be able to speed hack freely up to a certain threshold before I assume it surpassed what the maximum values of a characters speed could be. Once that point was reached it would freeze the character in place. You guys never get positive comments so heres mine. The 30 minute auto ban is a great idea. If mistakenly banned the innocent user will be able to play in 30 minutes. You could of just done a strait up ban in which the same user would have to wait for support to hear and go over their case. All of you know how short or long that could be give them credit for that. Now there are several bugs such as cargo quests where if you drop connection on our end for example sometimes the character will dismount and run at beyond godmode speeds potentially making several innocent users a target. The 2 main speed hackers that truly cause the community frustratation sre getting around being detected by simply knowing the boundaries. The one player has been doing it for several months without detection. They most likey tested on alts that X vaule is too much X vaule is too long ect. Their mains are not just using it in survival and assasian yo say the least. I wont mention names but the two players you see complained about the most one of them has at least 20 alts. A character ban would hurt but not fix the issue for our server at least. An IP ban needs to take place. I hope this gave you guys some insight from ingame pn jow to tweak the detection system rather then telling ban. Thank you. @EMpulse
  3. D7

    Unfortunately this issue won't get the attention it should due to it affecting a small amount of the player base. The worst part is that small part of the player base spent the time not to mention money. How do they get rewarded with a slap in the face.
  4. D7

    Unfortunately this issue won't get the attention it should due to it affecting a small amount of the player base. The worst part is that small part of the player base spent the time not to mention money. The response shows that they just show up for work, just do enough to please the higher ups to get their check at the end of the week. Sad.
  5. Eh since when could you buy the agility circle from flowers? Not one, two circles. Also roar is only 1600 alt medals in the survival shop.
  6. @Ocho @TinyDragon Please, fix the android coding issue in terms of Sadar. At random when you port to Sadar your game will crash. Hasn't been too much of an annoyance for the past 4 months on not being fixed but now that half your users will be porting there several times a day its time. Also to save the time saying to send a ticket into your support team which many users have since this issue started in Dec. 2017 has gotten nowhere. Please tell the devs in china about this so a hotfix can be sent to you before the new update is released. Thank you.
  7. DrryggRELAX. This is basic basic marketing. You went an X amount of time without making a purchase on your alt. So you get a special one time super offer in order to hook you and take the bait. No different from joining a club reward program at a restaurant. They send you monthly 20% off coupons as you eat their frequently. Once the system sees you haven't been back in a while some send something like, "we miss you! Have your next entree free on us!" Thats not a deal they send to the normal people spending money constantly its to hook them to come back. Also there is no goblins over 99.99 you can see the max item price in the app store shows the range. Just dont spend money on your main for a few days and you'll get a special deal. Few days of logged in game time. I think its based off X amount of goblin merchants passed up on.
  8. 300M gold. 300 MILLION GOLD. THREE HUNDRED MILLION GOLD. Whats that 50,000 lucky tickets? Post your results Bill Gates. Lol.
  9. Dont you mean 368....
  10. Theres a new pvp mode in the ne update. Doesn't fix things but adds a little more variety.
  11. You guys really need to spend more time working on your characters. Complaining here isn't going to do a thing. 1 legendary means nothing. It starts as a 160 grade item where as you could have a friend carry you through T3 mystica and get 336 gear... which Full set of legendary 160 score vs 336... the 336 will win everytime. Just asn example but one legendary isnt the end of the world.
  12. @Souldemise which servers?
  13. @TinyDragon and @Ocho First off thank you. I never expected to see my gems back again lost over half of them making my character significantly weaker overnight. I'm disappointed in the time it took, BUT I appreciate and can see that you guys are making an effort to restructure a bit and make things better going forward. Back on topic with the OP please take this post from @Poyo as an example to not take everything people say on here as facts. "All" players did NOT recieve double gems. I have no knowledge about the characters he is referring to but of my 21 characters across 3 accounts and 2 servers. 1 of them lost gems and recived the correct compensation. The remaining 20 of them have not received anything as it should be. So for @Poyo to make assumptions and say "all" players is simply not true.
  14. @Cloudburst The "Are you sure you want to dismatle..." isn't enough for you?