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  1. Yes, your servers. Disconnection every 10 to 20 minutes is unacceptable. You guys killed this game, multiple times over, youll see a spike for the new server and steam but thats the end of the road for this ship. Nettease will be fine though as your well aware. Cheers.
  2. 3 WEEKS?? I'm still missing the items i lost during the gem/item bug. Support is as useless as wooden square wheels. And were looking into means they are gonna hide in a corner and hold their ears and close their eyes untill enough time has passed hoping it blows over.
  3. They are playing wrong. I have a 60k warrior and 60k pally. It levels out once you get further on in progression.. The classes are pretty balanced. Each class can best the other. Just dont expect to beat everyone by clicking 1 2 3 4 5.. Yes pally tanks require you to actually move.. time shield remover perfectly, and use stun skills at the right time among other things.. pop a small shield so he uses his shield remover and thrn pop your large shield ect.. ect.. ect... if your a tank.. 1v1 pvp isnt your forte your a TANK. If your a fang.. you can beat a equally gear pally, BUT there is again skill involved. EXE warrior can as well with some lucky crits or your dead.. Same could be said about Dps pally.. if he is unlucky and doesnt get judicator.. Gg executioner wins.
  4. More accurately 3-5 hours. Your doing it wrong if it takes your 5 days.. tf?
  5. Get more sheilds to learn to cast sheilds after they use their skill
  6. Thats his point hes saying as they said in the holiday stream.. the trail bug would be adresseed. They yet again sat on their lazy butts and did nothing. Useless game host..
  7. You never know whos going to reply. Could be one of the lazy ones who reads the first 2 words and sends an automated response. Could be someone with english as their 2nd language. Could be a horse hard to tell the difference. Also as soon as possible could mean the same day, or 3 months from now. Goodluck friends...
  8. Your clearly not an old player. When the servers launched we were level 45 with high 30 path levels at first. Eventually after a month or two we made our way up to 50.. then 60.. ect. Then newer players like you get to path 59 in no time... Both of you stop being lazy and earn your paths stop expecting everything to be instant.
  9. Looking for help into why I can log into my account and play on every character (2 through 8) but not the first. For the the past few days now every time I try to sign in on to th first and highest leveled it kicks back to the main screen and says "Disconnected. Please login to the game again." Yes I have contacted support several times. Awaiting a response but as Im missing progression attempting to see if maybe its a common issue that you guys have a quick fix for. Thanks.
  10. Fix the damn server an give us our missed events. Dont just shrug us over again like before. Your game hosting skills is equivelant to a the Cleavland Browns and football.
  11. Not acceptable if its not clearly stated in the circle details.
  12. If your a 50k ranger getting beat by a 22k anything your just doing it wrong or just plain bad. Its not a turn based card game. You have to use strategy. My paliadan can beat many players 10k plus its rating. Players thatvjust spam the skill bar. Paladians arent OP they easier to play theres a huge difference. Also most paladians are alts. So 1. they already know mechanics vs other classes and 2. They probally have the same or better sets than you. Mine has gear from ash heroic, chimera and everlush heroic because my main is strong enough (also with friends help) to runnthe more rewarding raids ive alresdy learned. Rating isnt everything. A well gear set wise player will always win vs. A high rating player.
  13. 1. Add microsoft (or some other companies automatic game player text translators) can be turned on or off and translated to a ser language. Not a problem for most servers. Mainly the South American server you for months now reccemended to North American players. Considering this is a game that some raids REQUIRE all memberd to do x and y.. its not only would make our lived easier but your pockets fatter. New players already are at a disadvantage due to lower volumes at those levels but I assume its very discouraging finally matching a raid only to die and not be able to communictate with the others. 2. Now that PvP is very crucial in obtaining lats game sets/gear.. even just for plain fun. Implent a better anti-cheat system. Its almost 2018 and you still cant stop speed hacking? Youve known about this issue for a good deal of time now and nothing has been done.. or has an attempt been made? Or is it you just don't care? Reporting doesnt do squat same teams still doing it. And it only takes a few hours for them to make a lv 40+ to do it again. Its a problem in the platiunum and uo tier which is slightly difficult to obtain and takes a while to match and when you do, only to lose to a team running the "the flash" avioding any damage (or if your lucky a win due to them turing the speed to high and glitching their charater out so they cant move.) On some maps it effects the hackers opponents and they end up bricking the non cheating teams players.. so you match again.. same team.. repeat the next day ect. Get it together.
  14. There already is a system in place "maintnece fee" if that isnt paid for a set amount of time your guild is deleted. Beside that, I've never hesrd any game hit the coded limit for the amount of guilds. Games been out since july you'd think they'd check on things like that only takes seconds.. unfortunatly nothing will likely be done about this issue even though it can simlle be fixed in seconds with a simple value change. (Side note: AT LEAST SEND THE GL A MESSAGE THROUGH MAIL). I had an alt with a guild, 50 to 100 members.. purpose was to help new players and of course achievemnts. Since many new players in any game tend to test it (small portion stays) most leave.. we never had enough funds to pay the fee which should scale by level. This isnt about the fee its about coding in a simple mail message. I was left baffeled for a minute wondering if due the history of bugs every guild had been wiped.