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  1. HP/MP bar overlay to include actual numbers within the bar. Show multiple buffs/debuff above skill bar
  2. Forged Jewelries i'm talking about are 'The forgotten arcane crystal' and 'Arcane crystal earrings'.
  3. I know forged legend jewelries are very abundant on most servers, but I am one of those who have managed to forge an accessory. So what I want to know is, with one of the updates a while back we we were able to refine the legend sets of forged equipments to D1 sets (where as before we could only get D0), but with this was updated it seems the jewelries weren’t included. @RedPanda Could you clarify as to why it was not included in the update or if this is a just a bug since forged jewelries are pretty rare. In saying that, for myself and some few others who do have forged jewelries, could we push for an update to be able to refine the sets for D1?
  4. @Leozinrj How did you get the other frames btw ?
  5. @RedPanda This bug is still not fixed man! My character was deleted while trying to delete a different character. Still no response from your support team. Please help speed this up and get my character back..
  6. What I’m expecting ? How about actually fixing the game first. The squad bug still hasn’t been fixed since who knows when.. More then half the player base still can’t even open the game unless they’re connected to wifi. New content would be good. But what good is that when you can’t open a “mobile” game when you’re not home and on wifi.. And I notice server maintenance finishes incredibly fast and it seems like nothing is fixed after any maintenance.. I’d rather the game be offline for couple hours and things getting fixed.
  7. Has anyone or does anyone know if you can forge a legend using a bp from another class ? Just wondering as bp prices are insane atm and much cheaper for another class. I only need to forge for the legend essence in order to upgrade.
  8. Yeh we need some clarification on this @RedPanda. My main character didn't get a single mail even though I used plenty of mats during the bug phase before finding out about it. Whereas my alt character which I haven't touched any reforging/upgrading in 2-3 weeks just got the mail for 400 Regallion what?? I'm confused..
  9. We've cleared all sky and challenging heroic team raids daily. It's more the content aspect of the game I'm referring too. Like demoninvasion everyday at the same time as well as weekend events being the same every weekend. That's what I feel is repetitive and "boring". As I don't really look forward to these things anymore. Since I feel this should be the "fun" part of the game and not just repetitive stuff that we need to do daily already.
  10. So I was just thinking, I've been playing for a while now and we haven't had any major content release/updates yet. Other then champions trials and popular stars,the game is getting very repetitive. Weekend events are the same things over and over which I think is pretty boring. Weekend event should have more content on a rotation basis of sort so it's something different each weekend. Really hoping there's gonna be some new content after maintenance this week and not just "minor fixes" as usual.