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  1. At first the damage reduction, using different paths, as I've noticed and tested it on different raids and event, using Doom path. the dmg reduction buff gained after using netherly horse skill is not affected by Runes Upgrade and it remain for 0.5 sec practically not appearently even with lvl 40 rune upgraded (2 sec) as it worked fine with Soul Knight path. The second point is which I believe it's mistranslated (like in Elementals conju buff is self buff and not team buff) using burial ground doesn't increase team dmg dealt to enemy within the burial ground area, even tho in subpath description it said "Friends" which isn't accurate or true. Third part is few other runes doesn't define the buff amount or percentage from upgrading the rune makes it doable to upgrade or no, like the Shield gained when lower than 20% HP, using netherly worlds horse dmg dealt using it is said according to glyphs which doesn't describe it to the minimum of understanding. Hope this can be fixed any sooner in any Maintenance..