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  1. So what you are saying is that it needs 3 players standing together in the same spot near the crystal. That's your whole post in 1 line. You either know a tactic or you don't, if you know it and don't follow it that's being stupid. Not knowing and failing is not the same. No need to automatically call those who fail stupid. I bet I know tons of stuff you don't, does that make you stupid?
  2. Even saving bp's you have a 30 day CD which means you need a hell of a lot to keep transferring gold. Sure there are people who abused the alt system and run like 50 alts, but there are other of us who are in guilds with P2W players who want to go along to higher raids with them. Running a small number of alts is the only way to keep up. I agree with him it's made things a lot more difficult.