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  1. Please stop this useless ****, lets get back on topic. @RedPanda what's the condition right now?
  2. Fix ur bugs first. JESUS
  3. @RedPanda @Ocho how hard is it to even just reply? Im a customer, i've paid for this game, yet ur giving me broken content.
  4. @RedPanda and @Ocho they dont seem to care about our bug. They rather have their new server come up, and have it bug as well. This game is so broken.
  5. @RedPanda im having the same issue, but i can't log into my char anymore. It wont even let me LOG IN IT!
  6. Hello @RedPanda and @Ocho So i can imagine, you guys are very busy, and your support is as well with the bug of gear/gems/gold etc last night. Yet there is another problem, After i gained 5-8 refer's i've been getting issue's. Disconnect screens at random moments, especially since i played 1 Aldor match, the game freezes instant, (No this is not my wifi or my internet) It keeps trying to log in and relog and relog, Now me and my guildies, have this issue on multiple characters. and for all of us this started by doing 1 Aldor match, I've reported this bug 4 days ago, I can still not login. I'm losing progress, Loot, daily stuff.. And im not getting 1 response. I'm on the edge of quiting and refunding my hundreds of euro's ive spent in this game. This is my last call for help i'd like to really be helped. A Reply from anyone working at your company would be a start. (I've got older tickets open from 3 weeks ago with bugs, still unanswered.) But not being able to get in your account, your guild.. especially when your a key player sucks. I hope to hear from you soon.
  7. @RedPanda The spend rebate for the spending crystals, isn't working. It doesnt work in the specific area of the daily activity loot were you can buy chests on a discount. Now these crystals i use to spent, aren't bound. They are unbound sellable in the auction meaning it should give me a rebate? I've reported this over the week a couple times, but the C/S is not responding, or giving typical responses to we'll investigate. Along with 3 -4 other tickets they never got back to on other subjects. That's why im opening up a topic here. Hopefully this helps and gives us players the rightfull rewards we deserve. Greetings
  8. I've got 7 of them because i play alot,i have multiple chars. i work for my stuff ingame without being p2w.
  9. Don't get me wrong, i don't mind them getting a certain amount that's equally fair and doesn't mess up the economy. There's plenty rewards to give, a custom made vanity for example, or new vanity. Yes it may gain them some silver if they want to. But giving away a box that's 150$ while other people having been stressing on this for 4-5 days long to be able to buy it, is just not okay. They stream, and help the community in their way. That's a choice they make themselves. I've seen alot of other streamers ( that have less viewers but equal video's get nothing. ) HOW IS THIS FAIR? there should be an balance in stuff, there was no competition, the competition reward is still coming later somewere. This is because they were valuable players.. Aren't we all? What's next giving people who donate 2000$ free boxes as well? I could simply advertise this game to alot of friends, and i have. I'm helping the community. I'm helping my whole guild play, learn and progress (Which is helping this game) should i be rewarded with a legendary box too? I don't think so. Because i choose to invest my personal time into this. and it would be unfair for other players. Just to be clear, i got myself 7 path to legend boxes. so i'm not jealous in anyway. I just think people should be treat equally.
  10. How is it fair, that YouTuber's that make content on this game, get a free path to legend box? (1399 Crystals) +/- 150$ just for free. I don't see how this is fair to the majority that can't afford this, and promote's this game to their friends. If anything you could have given every1 a box, since we're all loyal players. Yet you tell them they are more valuable then us. This is unfair, right again, same happened with the compensations. Please have a look here for some proof :
  11. Hello, first of all before i start giving an idea on the survival pvp. gotta give my respect, this pvp is one of the best pvp systems. I entirely love it! What i would like to suggest : Please make it possible for us to zoom in/out in the pvp. right now im riding a liador and i can't see a thing cuz im playing on a phone, during the survival mode it wont let you zoom in or out. fixing this would make it more enjoyable. Please have a look at the location of items, some spawns such as sky blaze, are overloaded with items, were other area's barely have even a wep. Perhaps giving every1 a base wep when starting would make it all a little more competitive. Right now it's quite simple if you spawn in an area with 3, and you don't have a wep. your dead. and hopefully in the future you'll add a few more items into the survival arc. Last but not least, i've done about 100 survival matches now. 10 out of 100, the end circle with the poison, is on a rock.. were you cannot even get.. Eitherway let us be able to glimb rocks and go over the water, or make the end scene circle game on proper spots so it's reachable for every1. @RedPanda Above all, enjoying this really much keep up the nice work!
  12. Hello i've got a question. i got a legendary helmet out of the popular star bags, now i was super hipped and happy. But there's one problem to it.. It's not my class, which is okay but here's the thing.. I tried selling it for 4 days now for the lowest price (750K gold) Blazing plain servers. Nobody wants it, i can't trade it for another part too.. This makes me stuck and actually gave me a crap of luckiest **** ever. There's 20 helmets of the one i got in the auction for 750k... it's not gonna sell for a long long time.. The thing that bothers me , is that other servers have legendary prices alot cheaper.. I saw a few people stream and the exact same item was 380k gold minimum.. Why is this? because their crystal/life skill prices and blueprint prices are equal to our server. Could you please be of any use of help to me? Because dismantling my legendary for a legendary essence is not gonna work. I would love to sell this a little cheaper or be able to trade this. do the devs plan to do anything in the future about this? seeing servers have different prices for it but equal economy just sucks.