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  1. Can't upgrade level 30 pvp gear either. I'm starting to feel like the devs don't care. Thankfully I'm not playing anymore.
  2. @TinyDragon, is this working as intended? If so, what level and grade of PvP gear are now upgradable to divine, if any?
  3. For science I bought a level 30 staff. Grade 120. It won't let me upgrade it, only reforge, dismantle, and such. No "upgrade," option to be seen.
  4. Hope this helps!
  5. Confirmed. It's actually awful and is putting a bad taste in people's mouths for PvP. @TinyDragon, is this being looked at?
  6. Then you must not be too involved or interested in PvP. The stat bonuses from faction hunt is nothing to scoff at. Also, they max out at 30 kills whereas pve hunts go until 16? Right? Anyways, faction hunt gives a LOT of rewards for those who PvP often. Using the battle packs, I got fully geared and gemmed in just three days. It's a LOT more challenging to get a full honor set on a game like WoW. Just keep it up! It'll pay off. We need more playing PvP so the devs continue to give it love. If you need help, find me in game with the same name as on the forums. Happy hunting!
  7. What happens if you equip it? Do those stats work in places like aldor, faction hunt, glorious championship? Or is it only divine/legends that will work?
  8. Hello! I have no PvP Gear yet and was wondering what to buy first to have better adversarial stats in glorious championship and aldor? I've heard I need to craft divine PvP Gear? Where do I need to start with PvP gear progression?