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  1. At First what's the relation of New players and class swap? And what you say for people who became obsolete Just by choosing the class with less *attention* or versatility after putting alot money/time in this shyt game? This game is similar to World of Warcraft dude, there Will ALWAYS be New players... Class swap is an feature that already exist in China server that came first than our servers, we are not asking them to invent shyt, Just to add something that should've been here since the godamn Paladin came out!!!! Take a pill boi...
  2. https://ibb.co/hoCMRo No class swap on the patch Notes, same shyt, different pile!!
  3. Post the patch Notes ASAP, Its an 6hours maintance!!
  4. hahahahahahahahahahahaahaaha good joke, show me one F2P elementalist doing impossible, even impossible 1 and i stfu.
  5. Oh yeah and here there's no Mess on classes when only a few can do top raids ?
  6. That's what devs are thinking right now, and you're so damn DUMB to agree with them...
  7. We'r all stupid then, cuz we ALL are playing the bugged game. Bcuz we Hope they fix ALL the bugs and that's why we still playing, but If they dont release the class swap or Class balance we Just wont Hope nothing from them and leave.
  8. Me and few more players from Laverlan Lake wanna know If you guys até finnaly bringing the class swap, cuz If no we definely not keep playing this bugged and unbalanced game.
  9. As i Said, people are quitting, If everyone who played with us since beginning were still playing, u'd alot more people above 80k rating lol
  10. Alot people stopping on Laverlan cause Pally can tank/dps/heal and Mystics can Heal/dps and Warrior and ranger can only dps... Give us the damn class swap, china server already have It a long time Ago, wtf
  11. Who the fk would seriously want to gear up an account for 80k rating and loss ALL the progress already made?
  12. Yes! These people saying no are ALL mystics and pallys for sure!!
  13. ”I mostly see 2 tanks 1-3 healers, 1 tamer 1 fang and dps spread in between FG rangers and MJ mystics." 2 tanks, 2 healers, 1 tamer, 1 Fang, one FG, that's seven already, If u dont take at least 2 dps mystics u wont do Bosses like Sam and Samofir, cuz they demand alot healing, so If u taking 2 magellanas the group have 9 already, and most of groups i see choose to have one more mystic instead a Scout ir a Executioner, that's my point. Um not blaming them, cuz its a damn Shame that magellana can heal/dps/boost. fk 10 skills bar .
  14. Which raiding u doing? lol