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  1. IGN: ™LtdurangÖ™ Server: Asia Ranked: Grand Master please sir bring back my account really i am not use a cheat even if i still play games really nice i play ros, please sir i beg you unbanned my account, banned my account but no appeals my account name, pleas sir bring back my account. Like this
  2. Help me on this one pls why did I get banned? I never used hacks or cheated on this game. I got banned while minding my own business, while those hackers get to play the game . This is ruining an otherwise fun game. Fix this issue. plsss back my account ™LtdurangÖ™ plsssssss i buy more load in ros and i top up plsssss fix this i not use hacking
  3. why was my account broken? I'm not cheating plsss unbanned ™ LtdurangÖ™ because i'm top uping plssssss bacl my account im grand master im not cheating and hacking plssss im playing in pc asia plssss back my acount ™LtdurangÖ™ plsssss i buy some more load plss back my account