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  1. Admin should fix the rewards for assassin its really crap even for first place
  2. Still getting this box does any moderator see this?? its a really annoying problem.
  3. Title said itself, not a fan of this new inspect option where u can see all of the characters attributes, not a bit of privacy at all anymore LOL. What do you think community? Share your thoughts.
  4. Balance? in what way elaborate?? im not saying hitting it to the lowest price but people need to earn gold too.
  5. Just wondering, is there any way that the market price of items in game can be adjusted?? I tried to sell a legendary essence lower but the market wont allow me ..
  6. w Well strange events is random so its a matter of time till u get one.
  7. try to reinstall gameroom
  8. try reinstalling the game and check if u have the same issue
  9. @Deathrows youre talking about a different thing.. The problem is we cant redeem the 30 pinwheels to make one. @RedPanda please help
  10. Hi im just wondering if its possible to remove items like manaflame and sailor items as skyblze drops??
  11. LMAOOO we need compensation! @RedPanda LOL https://youtu.be/NoiirmK0nA4