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  1. Hello people, Meaby i have a stupid question, how to get a lower maintenance fee for the guild. Is this poisible to realise this. Greetings, Niconice
  2. The server Blazing Planes doing weird please can you fix this
  3. Hello People, Our guild the Lonewolfs looking for active members, who like to play Crusaders of Light. Our guild want to be more active but to be more active we need realible members who can be online van time to time and be the face for people who doubt if they join a guild or not. Everyone can join our Guild but what is important to follow the Guild Objectives. We loooking for players were the UTC is not that different from Europe. We looking for active players from Netherlands, UK, Germany, Belgium. Our guild have to many not active members and we want to change this en getting active members. Our Homeserver were we play is Europe Blazing Plains UTC. So if you like to play games, working on a social network wanna make new friends come to our Guild, married, old, young, it doesn't matter we like to play a great game on Europe Blazing Planes, we wanna be a part of leading guild so don't doubt log in on blazing planes and join our team. Niconice Guild Leader Lonewolfs.
  4. My char is 55 en my path and skills are 42 Still don't can open de starcircle have someone some advice for me Please let me know how thank you. Regards; Niconice.
  5. Hello People, My team is a starting team but what i miss is active players, Our team Lonewolfs playing on Blazing Plains UTC+0 normal everyone can join our team but we have Guild Objectives what must be follow the trail to stay or become a member is the first priority to do the Guild Quest we want to grow but when i don't have members who are be online often to help fellow team mates. I don't say you must be online 24/7 because i also know that playing members have a private life and i respect that. but try to be there for your team our guild is a teamplayer guild. So if you interest just join our guild on Blazing Plains UTC+0 and i.m most of the time online when i.m not working or have other thing to do but i.m often online Asking for Niconice, Shehunter, Dinebo, Noiutulove or Nighthunter. Greetings and i hope to see you soon on Blazing plains UTC+0 NIconice