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  1. Thanks for the info
  2. Would any experienced forest guide ranger be willing to throw together a quick guide for this spec. Something with the following info would be great: Active skills & rotation, runes, recommended gear, etc.. I’ve played tamer and scout but would like to try this spec since the other two are starting to become a little stale to me. Thanks in advance for any input.
  3. Would really like to get an official response on this question @RedPanda, this would be good information to know so that we aren't wasting materials.
  4. Agreed, way too much anger and hostility being thrown toward @RedPanda and the Devs lately. Sometimes things break, it happens, take a moment, chill and exercise some patience. As it was previously said, this is still a new game, and a fantastic one I might add. Just throwing in my two cents to say thanks for the awesome game, never in a million years would I think I would be playing something this close to WoW on a mobile device.
  5. yeah it's definitely changed since the patch, would like to know if it was intended or if it will get reverted back to the way it was.
  6. @RedPanda Was doing dailies after the update, and noticed that I had already hit "exhausted" after only 2 raid completions. Is this intended, didn't see it in the patch notes.
  7. I can live with the attribute loss, just want to know when it's coming
  8. Is that the divine faction set?
  9. Going to suck losing 13 ranks worth of attributes at once
  10. Should be 3 months after the factions were added to the game, since the game has only been out a couple of months then we should have at least 2-3 weeks before it resets
  11. Would really love one more week before reset, only 3 days of grinding away from max rank....
  12. @RedPanda What he said, any chance of a peak or hint if the new sets are for other specific class paths that are lacking dedicated sets at the moment?
  13. Agreed, I'm starting to realize that a large percentage of the player base has probably never played a MMO before. Most of the complaints I see are about no new content right at 2 months after release, or they didn't get all the best gear the first time they run a dungeon. Its actually very aggravating honestly, just be patient, enjoy playing the game, make some friends. I would hate to see all these complainers in some of the older MMOs where you had to run some raids for months just for a chance to bid on 1 piece of gear for your class.
  14. Not all divine sets are worthless, really depends on your class and path
  15. I agree with the OP on this. There is a serious disparity between the speed at which you can obtain gear from heroic raids vs faction pvp rewards. For example, you can obtain enough Flowers of Torannis to get a piece of divine gear roughly every 10 days or so. While it takes 300 faction medals for divine faction armor and 600 faction medals for the secondary item, at a rate of roughly 10-12 medals a day you're looking at almost a month just for one piece of divine faction gear. I think that they should either lower the cost of medals for the divine faction gear or increase the rate of gaining said medals, so that the acquisition time of gear through faction pvp is on par with the acquisition time of getting gear through heroic raids.