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  1. You need to tap the quest on the left hand list as soon as you can to auto follow the desolationist that gives the quest to you, what's happening is that you're getting out of range.
  2. Well they fixed it...sort off, just moved all the UI elements inward off the edges. I would have preferred if they had just stopped the screen at the notch, and left the UI on the edges of the screen instead of having a gap between it and the edge.
  3. Can you provide the source on this? Would love to have confirmation. Can you elaborate on this? I restored my backup onto my new iPhone X, but I have the same issues as the OP.
  4. yeah the game plays in a window with about 1/2 an inch of black space to the right towards the notch, and about 3/4 of an inch black space to the left towards the charging port of the phone
  5. Ticket is submitted, curious to see what they say, currently it sucks pretty bad to play in a tiny window with all the wasted screen available.
  6. I have not yet, will do so today, I just figured that the game needed to be updated.
  7. @RedPanda Do you guys have ay intention of updating the game to support the new resolution of the iPhone X so that the game plays in full screen and not in a smaller box based on previous iPhone models resolutions?
  8. @JoySkeet What server do you play on?
  9. I ran Chimera, Fort Desolation, Ash Fort, and Skyblaze 1-3 on my pally the day I hit 45, there are already 5-6 pallys on my server with GS over 30k
  10. Thanks for the info
  11. Would any experienced forest guide ranger be willing to throw together a quick guide for this spec. Something with the following info would be great: Active skills & rotation, runes, recommended gear, etc.. I’ve played tamer and scout but would like to try this spec since the other two are starting to become a little stale to me. Thanks in advance for any input.
  12. Would really like to get an official response on this question @RedPanda, this would be good information to know so that we aren't wasting materials.
  13. Agreed, way too much anger and hostility being thrown toward @RedPanda and the Devs lately. Sometimes things break, it happens, take a moment, chill and exercise some patience. As it was previously said, this is still a new game, and a fantastic one I might add. Just throwing in my two cents to say thanks for the awesome game, never in a million years would I think I would be playing something this close to WoW on a mobile device.
  14. yeah it's definitely changed since the patch, would like to know if it was intended or if it will get reverted back to the way it was.
  15. @RedPanda Was doing dailies after the update, and noticed that I had already hit "exhausted" after only 2 raid completions. Is this intended, didn't see it in the patch notes.