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  1. DPS is fine but we are useless when it comes to pvp
  2. Or the fact that it's a pve star that requires pvp.....
  3. What time might we might expect Winner announcement ?
  4. I can also tranfer sets I havent identified...
  5. It's not in the bank.
  6. @Ocho Just want to point out there is a major set transfer bug. Consumables are consumed but no transfer. 3 times in a very short period. Costing me my first core clear my spinning set (Got to excited and went ahead and emerged my first legend). Other bug I have noticed is when farming Divine essences and transferring sets off the set would transfer but it would also stick on the Divine. If it has always been like that I've just not noticed, but I've seen it 3 times since patch. PS I've contacted support but not sure what can be done.
  7. I'm confused on the reqs for this achievement I randomly got 10 but what am I trying to do in the first place. To try and get this achievement