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  1. This spam tells only what is state of the game, lol
  2. I really consider that now a very possible option. Its sad but all the marks shows us that. Lifeline of Ea is slowly coming to its end.
  3. I think Ocho is here next time here to say us all that he thanks for good times with forums and thanks us for supporting ea for its end and then we all say farewell and good luck for the future 😟😓
  4. Hey folks, We've received a number of questions regarding Ascended gems, and when and where they will be available. These gems are indeed coming, and we plan to make them available starting with the next event cycle. Thanks, Ocho This was february 13. That didn't happen. "June" event too seems disapeared. Well i am already lost hope like many others too....
  5. This whole thing is a big joke. Dead game is dead game.
  6. Ok and we all didnt get Ocho's joke for event in june
  7. Where u get that? @TobeRobert
  8. Funeral of ea is going on?
  9. Yeah, but not gonna happen. Sorry.
  10. Well, NE did not update things after big merge. That killed the game. Not one or 2 players. Lol, why players who compete to being number 1 should feel sorry for comperitors. Instead updating prizes so other people too can compete fair without monopoly situation would change things.
  11. Well, if NE would do update on MH then it would be better. "Don't hate the player, hate the game"
  12. Yes, definitelly need phoenix whistle. Add it.
  13. Also tickets for refreshing should be obtained every time in shop. No one has time to wait for ranked match to get higher ranks because rank is dead.
  14. Yes. I have it too.
  15. So you are happy in current situation goshu?