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  1. Also tickets for refreshing should be obtained every time in shop. No one has time to wait for ranked match to get higher ranks because rank is dead.
  2. Yes. I have it too.
  3. So you are happy in current situation goshu?
  4. I think we all want that netease fix things. I dont get how you understand post that fairyw send. If they would fix then its fine but if they are not planning to do it. Its the fair all to tell that so new people dont spend their money in waste. The game has been same state over 1 year now. I dont understand what you mean saying about we are literally retardet? Please read the post again dude.
  5. Many of us leftovers have been playing over 2 years and we know how netease is treading players. Goshu are you new players? Under 1 years?
  6. Best post of the year 2018. I agree every word that you said bro. Netease shut down the servers or improve the game. Nothing more to say.
  7. Dont worry bro. Next tine we will hear something has many months to go.
  8. yeah right. Some1 actually used real money for this useless crap. False items
  9. So we have new items. When comes update? Now they are useless.
  10. My advice. Run as far as you can. Delete game. You dont want to learn this ****hole. If you want to live happy life without constant pain in your head, dont try it.
  11. Yes it works now. Still lose 168 diams. Daily tasks. 100 diams from gempack. Bloody battle this week etc.. Some conpensation gift would be ok i think...
  12. Same for me. I can't log in. It started yesterday and i allready missed bb. And i also can connect other servers but not server where is my main account. I am using fb account.