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  1. Still nothing changed.. And still no further information from u RedPanda. I am waiting
  2. Hello there, Since a couple months now there are some players in MonkeyKing server that literally Terrorise my guild members, trash talking all day, Telling our members that we are ****, Spamming our inbox with friend requests all day, spamming us with stupid insults in PMs etc. I been reporting this for many times already but since none of the admins or w/e you call yourselves has stepped in or did anything i decided to put it here so maybe just maybe you will get out of your little shell and care not only for how you gain Money but also your members that play here for over a year now? Before i give evidences, i just wanted to announce to you guys that your administrative role is simply horrible and your game management is litteraly the worse i ever seen in any MMO i ever played in my life. Now, previously to what im gonna show (which is simply so little compared to what they been doing so far) just wanted to let you know that since its going like that for over than 2 or 3 months we decided as a guild not to keep quite and answer them back. Anyway, to the point. They keep making new accounts and spamming us from there. I demand that this bull**** will stop. Me and my guild are simply full of it all and had enough of this guys. Best regards, Impact, MonkeyKing, Predator guild leader.