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  1. I agree, dropping the gold cost and to cater for it maybe lowering the dismantle value too (so people don't just abuse it) would be great! I finally have some legendaries and the upgrade/refine costs are killing me.
  2. I see it has been fixed, thanks for that @RedPanda Now how about some form of compensation for all the lost time, loot, XP and aggravation it's caused?
  3. I play on mobile so I'm not sure about a hotkey for PC but there is a computer looking icon on the map. That does auto attack and follow leader when you are in a party. Hope that helps.
  4. Same question every maintenance LTR
  5. I totally agree. This seems like a really easy thing to fix... We better get something in compensation for all our lost time and effort. I really like this game and when the pally came out I decided to switch to it. This is seriously hampering my progression.
  6. @RedPanda can we get this updated to show which values affect Paladins?
  7. You can't find it because it's not available yet.
  8. Hopefully you will compensate us for the the losses caused. This is getting ridiculous. Every Heroic I tried over the weekend I was booted from and am still to get them done...
  9. @RedPanda Please can you confirm when this will be fixed as it is still not fixed in the last update. I am still being added to parties as a healer. This is starting to get ridiculous. Please can this be resolved ASAP as it is seriously impacting my game play. The only people who seem to keep me in groups are guildies, everyone else drops me out as they are full and need a healer... This is seriously impacting my game and slowing my progression, this needs to be sorted out and some sort of compensation sorted as I am losing ground in terms of XP and loot.
  10. It is good for all Paladins. The set will be added on randomly when you identify it, nothing you can do about that.
  11. @RedPanda it's not a bug, it's due to the design of the new iPhone X that has the notch on the top of the screen. If your app has not been updated for the new phone it will box it into a smaller area that resembles the older design of phone. All app developers are going to have to change their iOS apps to cater for the new iPhone X. I know as I have to do it for all my apps on the Apple App store.
  12. Divine with set swaps until you can get Legendary.
  13. Can someone do a guide on where to find all the Guild Hunt Ruler NPC's please?
  14. Will there be any compensation for our lost time though???
  15. @RedPanda I'm tired of losing out because of this silly setting. Please fix it! Also, it would be good if we could get compensated for your bad coding/decisions. We spend a lot of time and money on your game, you need to pay that effort back a little when you cause issues like this. I switched to pally as I liked the play style, I'm tired of being scr...d over by bad decisions and very shoddy testing. These types of issues are limiting our ability to play and keep up with other classes.