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  1. Can you find time around the time of the second blood battle?
  2. NA players, please enter your in-game name and time when you are able to play pvp. If anything else, need only 6 players to play normal match pvp for points. One team stays in base and the other team attacks. Then switch after 3-5 matches so that the other team get the 180+ points for the first win.
  3. They only keep you hoping for something. I wish they could be honest and tell the truth: "Team does not know when will event happen or if anything will change in the game and when, but we rather keep lying to you, so you keep playing like a bunch of idiots."
  4. Event formerly known as May event. Lol. Like said before, I have seen games 2-3 years old still getting updates monthly. This is.....I don't know how to call this wothout insulting anyone down at EA or this Houdini like Ocho say something and disappear. One event every 3 - 5 months seems like a pattern. Anyone read or done some research in human addiction behaviour? How long does it take to people move on from a long-term playing game without events? Is it 6 months so they give us event every 5 months max and they keep players playing? Lmao. I don't have a clue.
  5. Give us bots for pvp so we can get points for the pvp shop or delete pvp shop from the game, immediately. NA servers are dead. Pvp shop is useless.
  6. Don't get me wrong, glad you try to help others. It is just that I don't see any proof of it on your gear. So until you make at least 10 - 15 5 star items, no reason someone should believe this
  7. Oh come on. Everyone have 4 star items. Where is your proof of 5 star thing if you have only one 5 star item? I see your badge sign in is alot of days and yet only one 5 star item. Smells like bs.
  8. Phamtastik should give us better insight on this, but I seriously doubt that he will. Why help the "competition"..... Or should I say what competition.....
  9. Yet, you have one (1) or two (2) five star items. L O L
  10. I am level 90. Made the post for others.
  11. Change the reward system. Right now I see only level 90 and 89 in top 50. Only top 50 get a diamond reward. What about a player base that has a lower level account? This reward system needs a change.
  12. For your information, there are 5-10 players that can do 8-10 seconds 81-90 on NA and most of those accounts controls one player. Updating MH would not change anything. Whatever, y'all broke the game pass oblivion and I don't need to say anything else. If you can be objective you would see the point and admit that, instead of being byass. Since you refuse of being objective, like the 99.9% of MH campers, I do not have anything more to add on this topic or say to you and that share your narrow mindset. I am finished with this forum. It is useless.
  13. All I hear is you making an excuse, instead of growing a pair and admitting of taking part in breaking the game alongside netease and making players quit.
  14. Don't you condescend me with that trivial "don't hate the player, hate the game" bs that you have seen in movies.