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  1. Not being able to login has been awesome. I suggest you to quit. Best thing ever.
  2. They brought an event? @TobeRobert
  3. Not able to login must be on my end. i have downloaded Candy crush saga and I can't even connect Candy crush saga to Facebook. Don't think so. So what, invest time in that and then not being able to log in. Lol.
  4. Tried with different facebook accounts, too. Doesn't work.
  5. I have even tried with one-tap login. Doesn't work.
  6. I have tried with different devices, with browser, with facebook app, facebook lite app, with my data and wi-fi. Nothing works. I can enter my password and email, press login, but when it goes to confirm window, the option confirm does not appear. Just a blank window where on the top bar says "Log into Facebook" and below should be "confirm", but it doesn't show. Frustrated and sad at the same time.
  7. I have tried on tablet. No go. I did. I even tried unninstalling EA. Nothing. Is Facebook having some issues? I see on Facebooks' Twitter page people saying some issues, some can't see newsfeed, some timeline, some can't log in. Oh well, goodbye level 85. Another player gone. R.I.P.
  8. I am not using Facebook application. I use mobile site But now when I go there from my phone, and type in my email and password and press login, it accepts but then keeps loading. Can't press anything in facebook top bar, like friends, messages, notifications, and menu. newsfeed not loading as well. My game was logged in through that mobile page, not through app. But I can go to through chrome just fine. also my original web browser only gets stuck on, I can do everything else online and whatever search. See I can login here. I don't understand.
  9. Please help, anyone. I am level 85 and I don't want to lose my time invested in this game.
  10. Can someone help? I enter Eternal arena. When the game loads up, I press login with facebook and enter my email and password. Then the second window opens, but has no "confirm" option to log with Facebook. I have accidentally removed EA from facebook apps and now can't login.
  11. Can you find time around the time of the second blood battle?
  12. NA players, please enter your in-game name and time when you are able to play pvp. If anything else, need only 6 players to play normal match pvp for points. One team stays in base and the other team attacks. Then switch after 3-5 matches so that the other team get the 180+ points for the first win.
  13. They only keep you hoping for something. I wish they could be honest and tell the truth: "Team does not know when will event happen or if anything will change in the game and when, but we rather keep lying to you, so you keep playing like a bunch of idiots."
  14. Bump