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  1. yes I can confirm this bug
  2. Thank you dear devs for fixing the issues we have mentioned here in a very short time. You have fixed core and wind bluff bug, and also fixed pulrik bugged angels spots. its really feels good to be heard <3 plz buff warrior executioner <3 joking than you thanks Spyro <3 @TinyDragon
  3. Your not being serious are you? You thing motivation star was for mystic and not for exe warriors?? if hypothetically I agreed on with you in that ( which is wrong) what star would be for warriors dps?
  4. I logged in after the update and have noticed that my dps is somehow lower than usual. and after checking my gear and that all my gems are embeded. i was shocked to find out that you have change the motivation secons auxiliary star from basic attack to magic attack!? liker SERIOUSLY!!! I have invested so many resources so many time and effort on levlling that auxiliary star cuz motivation is my main star. also i farmed those motivation mirror (that you cant buy from market!@@@!) so hard! now i wake up to find that it has become totally USELESS!!!!?? THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE AT ALL!1 either you give us a choice to reset the star and rearrange our used resources like runes and talent. or DONT TOUCH THE STARS!!! now what can i do with magic attack when i am a warrior... tell me? huh
  5. I wish if any dev would plz be generous enough to acknowledge the problem and at least assure us that it would be fixed. Even if the fix is not in the near future, just assure us that you guys are aware of the proble. Thank you
  6. Thank you for fixing that bug in a short notice, I myself and other players really appreciate it. Scpeially to be fixed in such an early stage of the server (Ferroc Server) Having done that, can u now plz fix the angel spots in pulrik normal? In the beta server we were able to kill pulrik using the mechanics of the game which was really fun. One of the most enjoyable boss fights I ever been in. However, since I got back to the game few weeks ago. I found out that the angel spots are bugged and can only spawn one spot instead of 10. When I asked about it, old players told me it has been this way for months (reveadge village), and the only way to kill pulrik now is by using high dps to force pulrik to skip that stage. This is fine to old players, however in the new server, where it is bugged also, new players join the game and some have been plying the game without even knowing that there is a more easier right way to kill pulrik. In beta ppl have killed pulrik with rating barely reaching 30k. Now new players with 40k and above and still can’t kill it, simply because it is bugged. I have confirmed this problem on ferroc server and also on old beta server Which is merged now with Reavedge village. P.S. apologies for not sending more info about last bug (core and wind) because I wasn’t part of the bugging teams, that’s why I didn’t have any screen shots, however I believed others have sent you the needed data. In the end, thank you <3
  7. this is outrageous? people are using bugs and exploits to finish raids while other are working hard and using team work and effort to finish them? this is unfair and totally an acceptable? if this goes by unpunished I assure you many of the players are going to quit and server is going to die before it even starts! In beta server I remember when you banned Ascension and many of the players who were exploiting the sync bug to clear skybaze first boss? it was an encouraging act that made many of the players continue playing the game, and also be willing to start over and play when you open their nearby servers in the global launch. This is your first joint server, people are playing using both mobile devices and phone. If this server dies due to people using exploits and bugs? I really dont know what other server might survive? for this is the most live server so far. Netease, please use you hammer, ban exploiters, take back their titles. and make true pro players earn those titles the rightful way. Thank you.