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  1. The comunity have no more ppl to answer us, to read the feedback on forum, or at least delete the spam? ok We cant cast skills in arenas, field bosses, guild hunts and even some guilds cant do the new guild event due to this poor server conection? ok But get banned for speed hack, without using anything, playing for more than 2 months doing the same thing everyday... What is the criter?! Because people reported for abuse game glitchs are not banned, and ppl that doesnt do anything (like lots in my server) gets banned for SPEED HACKING?!?!?!? Seriously, that's my last drop of hope, if I dont get an answer due to why "know hackers" dont get banned, and ppl that obviously are not speeding hack gets, Me and my friends/family are done here.
  2. The lag during world lord rides, boss rides, lord invasion, arena, aldor, is REALLY annoying =/ The only thing I have to complain, and I cant understand why the devs dont buy more band or change the servers location.
  3. Update, ppl told me that the pvp battlefield is broken, it's impossible to join even if you make 2 15 man groups and queue... Devs please, fix it. Plus fix the reward of assassination it's not giving me reputation!!!!!
  4. obs2: if possible, make something for us to cancel the group requests we sent. It's annoying when someone acepts you after 1 hour when you already done that and are in the middle of something.
  5. Since assassination is the main focus, survival sometimes takes 5~10min to find a match, so can you guys please put any kind of alert sound when a match is found. Lots of times ppl just miss the match because they afk wait for the match. Thank you. ps: put something more attractive for guardian battlefield, I'm playing for almost 2 months, queue for it everyday and NEVER could play it because lack of players.
  6. I sugest you to ask your friend to kick you from the group when he finishs his dalies.
  7. I don't know how players don't post about it everyday. I never saw a game with lag issues that brokes the game and the comunity don't camplain about it. And why devs don't fix it? Just move the game to a better server, or buy more band for it.
  8. C'mon, everybody knows that this game is totally pay to win since the beggining. At start you will se that you have a progress limit per day, and the only way to cross it is with money. You see it in the very 1st week of play, if you still plays, don't blame it =p Plus companies needs to make profit to exist. Do like me, buy the golden goblins, and play as a casual game, afk farm, rides with guildies and than go do something else, or make lots of toons to farm for you.
  9. I liked the change, the old assassination was sooo boring. And about the classes, I think berserker is a lil bit behind the others, but it's totally a matter of taste. I can only win with deciever, and my girl can only win with berserker...
  10. Changing my opinion. It was a good thing!
  11. As a new player, I have no more ways to pass gold from my alts, so it's sounding like a game over for me =/ Since everything is limited by day, I will never have a chance to grow, or play it for 3~5 hours/day and play other things, for months to buy a leg piece... Well, it was fun
  12. I thought it was related with the number of players in the hunt, but no. Yesterday there was only me and 2 guild mates killing a boss and the lag happened. Alone farming with auto attack and happened too. So it sounds like a server capacity problem. But the most curious is in arenas, where when it happens, it's always my team who can't cast spells, but ok. This issue really break the game and needs to be priority number 1. I hope NetEase understands how this is important to all players. Best wishes
  13. Class swap? Never saw that, and it's a really strange idea... It will break the population of classes every patch. Why dont you make another char?