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  1. haha. thnx. guess I couldn't just go around and kill people.
  2. ok thanks man. So I guess I need a cooldown for now. I don't like the result but it could only mean that I'm a killer in PvP area.
  3. offtopic: does your character get weaker if your bounty is higher pvp related? I somehow find myself more vulnerable when it isn't like it before. NOTE: I have full pvp gear (new ones)
  4. they busy milking $$$$$. let alone those hackers...
  5. would love this then we'll see who's really good at pvp. Not to mention those people with 999999999999999999 CR who complained a lot because they can no longer 1 shot two shot people. lmao.........
  6. @TinyDragon @Ocho don't you think this could be a possible DDoS attack or something?
  7. "one hour from now" and yet some says 10-11 hours have passed already. You're starting to annoy me. @TinyDragon
  8. @Ocho @TinyDragon This would have been more convenient for players who have lost something e.g. gems (which is common). The mistake of sending compensations to other players who have not lost anything could've been prevented.
  9. it's a new class and gears on them would be in high demand. I guess that's how it was for all classes when they were new.
  10. it could be worth, it could be not.
  11. I doubt if they'd do something about it since it was on your end anyway. Perhaps you went too fast on your clicking/tapping that you accidentally dismantled it.
  12. I guess not because they're only meant for pvp faction areas. aldorr does have a different pvp set in its store.
  13. noticed it too. every now and then, doing elementals gives me one blue print out of 2 but recently, not receiving any and I wanted to save more.
  14. let's all hope they will extend this promo. gotta save more tickets for it. lol