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  1. We'll just have to accept the fact that CoL will never be WoW like. If there's any game on mobile platform that is closer to WoW, that would only be OaC. What I like about CoL, is there is a faction which is interesting to me since I used to be an Aion and RF player.
  2. Pink na pink si ate ohhh...
  3. You have these features in Nidia and AoT and I tell you that these games are just mediocre compared to CoL... Poor talent when it comes to CoL DEVS. lmao... and yet people are fighting over which is better CoL or OaC... WTF!!!
  4. judging from your character rating which is 28k with a very low magic attack, you're doing it wrong. If you're an offense type then go for the attack set effects otherwise do the other if you're a support healing class.
  5. What the poster really meant was to have a side button or something that will conveniently switch to another set of skills since dual path is common among players. Switching skills manually is inconvenient depending on the situation in fact a lot of mobile games have done the said feature for the convenience of their players.
  6. Yah got them... thank you Panda... pardon my ignorance as I'm relatively new to this game.
  7. I have accomplished a few quests which rewards courage medals but it is not adding to my current count which is 33. Is it a bug? Has anyone experienced the same thing? It's really pissing me off....
  8. It's even stupid to think that this competition was purely legit.... you don't give $400,000.00 that easily. As expected....
  9. do you really think they would give away $400,000? lmao! we'll see what happens when the event finishes... We only have days to count....
  10. ye yes yes to this..............
  11. nahhhhh... just enjoy the game for free. stop spending real money only for a virtual item... every game on this level is a scam. remember that.