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  1. You mean demonic influence and the brother's quests?
  2. I actually like the Team Raids (dungeon) mechanics here but doing it heavily relies on your stats so this game might be comparable to Blade&Soul which renders an underwhelming progress on your character.
  3. Used to be a lot of players being online any time of the day but now even Goblint Camp normal run takes so much time to make a full team of five (5) and a lot of old players had already quit the game and newbies not even lasting more than a week so yeah it's dying.
  4. lmao! CoL will never be RF and couldn't even past OaC though I'm glad you've played RF which is by far the best MMORPG game I have ever played next to Aion.
  5. because NetEase thinks spenders are stupid enough to buy it. lol
  6. so aside from farming those usual mats which may take a lot of time depending on your playtime allowance, you'd still need the outfit which could roughly cost 200k gold more or less? I call that bull****!!!!! **** those outfits if that's the case.
  7. I got used to it actually but a split or a customizable skill UI would be much better.
  8. lvl 30 BP's prices keeps on rising due to demand and I'm still in need of those.
  9. the best thing is this game are dungeon mechanics which is Blade&soul alike. to be fair with them, they have responded to some suggestions although not good enough to hold their player base.
  10. this one is a good suggestion as most if not everybody is annoyed with this style.
  11. hi bella. your path level isn't exactly that bad it's just the scaling, you can try the suggestions mentioned before my post.
  12. ^noted. but if you'd consider pvp, I guess pdef is equally important to sdef since you have lots of melee and rangers running around though pvp is quite inactive in this game anyway, at least on my server.
  13. yeah there is a big gap between players of lower levels/gear/etc and players with end game gears/more experienced/high CR's/ etc. It's like a paradise adjoined next to a slum area. that's the type of community we got here.
  14. where lowbies/newbies and well experienced players are in harmony. sorry to disappoint you but having said that is nowhere else in this game.
  15. I don't know if the problem with the community is with Netease or the players that fills the game but I can tell you right in the face that this game is by far the worst community I have ever played with.