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  1. Dude yu ruined the game cuz yu are not fixing any bug , more ppl abusing glitch And ferroc champ server the latest server updates is à ****y server 70% are elem the problème i see on this server i have the same stats as à offheal or tamer but i cant here in any team raid progression cuz we have 10+ elem on the party .... Can we just make New server all month will be good for the New player Want to start fresh....... Can yu ** read what yu say on this forum a lot ppl are bored cuz yu do anything ( angry time up vs this ****y support ) 😒😒
  2. In china server he have class swap btw 😓
  3. how much time need to wait for yu guys open à New server or make swap classe dude...
  4. Why bad idea to make New server??
  5. With à New server i think not all we will go elementalist cuz of bored in ferroc champ , or make swap class or merge this server is réaly à bad server first time i see that tbh ... Im was playing in Laverlan lake And cloudburst . No problème With this server. but im wanted to make à New perso in a New server when in start i see ferroc will open , i was go on me but now sad of population etc.... New player on this server dsnt come cuz no helping cant make decen pt With 5 newbi elem cuz its à New classes. And btw donc make classe rogue the same time à 'New server will open yu just ruined the server cuz 70% population will go rogue for test ... T'y i hope yu do something
  6. Hi how much time we will wait for the New server open? Because Ferroc champ the last server up, is à ****y server hard to find tamer,fang,magel , 70% population are elem that sucks i hope yu guys make à New server faster to équilibre this t'y...